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    1 Popularizing vascular disease health common sense Kawaguchi holds varicose vein theme health lecture

    • Last Update: 2020-05-13
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      Health Guide: Leg varicose veins are a common peripheral vascular lesions, the early clinical manifestations of the lower limbs, especially the lower part of the lower leg under the lower skin, the leg skin appears red or blue, like cobwebs, twisted blood vessels, or like a tumor-like hard block knots the weather is cool after the autumn, seasonal changes, the reduction of humidity in the air will directly affect the loss of moisture in the skin of varicose varicose veins, resulting in an increase in the veins of the lower limbs, accompanied by itching, eczema, pain and so on The treatment of varicose veins is currently mainly based on traditional surgery, but the traditional surgery trauma is large, the impact of aesthetics, long stay after surgery, slow recovery, many patients are afraid of treatment With the development of medical technology, there are now many minimally invasive treatments Fang Zixing, director of the Varicosins Research Institute of Chengdu Chuanyu Vascular Hospital, graduated from the Department of Naval Medicine of the Second Military Medical University of the Chinese People's Liberation Army, and was a special contributor to medical work in the military, and was a third prize winner of the Military Science and Technology Progress Award for Vascular Diseases Has been engaged in vascular surgery in the Chinese People's Liberation Army Second Military Medical University Long March Hospital for more than 30 years, year-round in the army sanjia hospital engaged in first-line clinical work, skilled operation of various common vascular surgery, in the lower limb large hidden varicose varicose surgery and laser treatment varicose varicose experience, accumulated a wealth of clinical experience as an active advocate of vascular disease minimally invasive diagnosis and treatment, Fang director believes that the concept of minimally invasive treatment is currently the international mainstream treatment of varicose veins, and its medical team in the long-term medical clinical practice, gradually explore a new set of diagnosis and treatment model - ETVV venous intracavity comprehensive treatment system (this system refers to the different areas of the body table through the vascular path of micro-invasive surgery, with the general surgery is different from the lesions in the area of imaging or the use of imaging treatment Avoid the blindness of traditional treatment, change the situation of relying solely on the experience of doctors to treat, so that varicose vein treatment is more advanced and targeted )。 Thus, the treatment concept of "treating shallow veins, protecting deep veins, and preventing complications" is put forward director in the pre-surgery to post-operative to each patient's illness will be a comprehensive understanding and diagnosis, in order to achieve the best way to use the least injury treatment effect to make the patient recover as soon as possible In the course of treatment from the actual situation of patients, can be treated by a simple way without complications Regardless of the patient's considerations for admission counseling, surgical treatment, and postoperative recovery Fang director will fully inform the patient, it is understood that from August 10, 2015, in order to allow the vast number of patients to better accept Fang Zixing director's visit, Chengdu Chuanyu Vascular Hospital Varicosins Research Institute will open a special line in advance to book the operation channel, the time is every Tuesday, Thursday, convenient and timely registration appointment method is: 1.Network appointment: log on to the official website of Chengdu Chuanyu Vascular Hospital Varicosinopathic Research Institute on the login page to fill in the telephone independent appointment or consult an online doctor   2 Outpatient appointment: hospital address (Chengdu Wuhou District Wuhou Avenue Double Nan section 217, second ring elevated Wuhou Avenue exit) the first floor of the medical office for registration appointment   3 Telephone appointment: directly call Chengdu Chuanyu Vascular Hospital Varicosins Research Institute appointment phone: 028-64638888, according to the online doctor's tips, select the date of the appointment, etc., to complete the appointment in order to enable patients and healthy people to learn more about the correct treatment and preventive measures for vascular disease, The Director will lead his team to conduct a health lecture on the topic of varicose veins in the first floor lobby of the hospital every Saturday, and to analyze in depth the causes, hazards and treatment of varicose vein sym Let you look at the disease correctly, more peace of mind, comfort, rest assured
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