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    10 tons of paint in the warehouse were temporarily detained on suspicion of counterfeiting

    • Last Update: 2021-07-24
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          Global Paint Network News: On the

    27th, a Wujiagang merchant was investigated for alleged trademark infringement.
    Jiayu police and Wujia police intervened and temporarily detained more than 500 barrels of paint suspected of trademark infringement in the merchant’s warehouse, totaling more than 10 Tons, worth about 170,000 yuan.

       Global Coatings Network News:

    At noon on the 27th, a citizen entered the newspaper’s news hotline 6233333 to report that a large amount of paint suspected of counterfeiting "Shuanghu Paint" was piled up in a warehouse near the Tumen Bridge.
    When the reporter came to this warehouse at 2 pm, the police from the Wujia police station and law enforcement officers from the industrial and commercial station were investigating the scene.
    This warehouse is about 600 square meters.
    Thousands of barrels of paint and paint of various brands such as "Shuanghu", "Swan" and "Guangming" are stacked indoors.
    In one corner, there are also a large number of unsticked signs.
    Outer packaging barrels and funnels stained with paint.

    It is understood that an intellectual property agency in Wuhan specializes in anti-counterfeiting and rights protection work for the Shuanghu paint brand.
    In May of this year, this company discovered an enterprise producing counterfeit Shuanghu paint outer packaging barrels in Jiayu County, Xianning City.
    After the Jiayu police intervened in the interrogation, the person in charge of the company confessed that the fake outer packaging barrels they produced had been sold to Yichang City.
    The company subsequently found the warehouse near the Tumen Bridge in Yichang City.

    At 5 o'clock in the afternoon of the same day, the technical staff of Wuhan Shuanghu Paint Co.
    , Ltd.
    rushed to the warehouse.
    After identification, it was confirmed that many paints with the "Shuanghu Paint" logo in the warehouse were not the products of the company.

    It is understood that Jiayu police and Wujia police have intervened in the investigation and temporarily detained 587 barrels of paint suspected of trademark infringement "Shuanghu Paint" in the warehouse.
    (Source: Global Coatings Network) (For more information, please log in: Global Coatings Network
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