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    121 pharmaceutical and biological listed companies disclosed three-quarter reports, the equipment industry growth is obvious

    • Last Update: 2020-11-06
    • Source: Internet
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    "Pharmaceutical Network Market Analysis" is currently in the three-quarter reporting period of listed companies intensive disclosure period.
    statistics, as of October 20, a total of 121 pharmaceutical and biological listed companies in A-shares announced the first three quarters of this year's earnings forecast.
    of these, 62 enterprises had pre-increased or slightly increased their performance, 22 had pre-reduced or slightly decreased, 14 had a first loss, 14 had continued to lose money, 4 had turned a loss, 3 had a continuing profit and 2 were uncertain.
    more than half of the companies forecast an increase in net profit, based on the increase or decrease in net profit.
    11 enterprises had net profits of more than 1 billion yuan in the first three quarters, and 58 enterprises had net profits of more than 100 million yuan in the first three quarters.
    overall, the rapid growth of enterprises mainly concentrated in the protection, testing, as well as raw materials, vaccines.
    health care-related enterprises, due to the impact of the outbreak led to losses.
    specifically from the sub-sectors, the first three quarters of this year, the performance of domestic medical device enterprises is very strong.
    , Shengxiang Bio, Zhende Medical, Daan Gene and Kantai Medical all reported net profit growth of more than 1000%.
    of which Sanxiang Bio performance is particularly bright, the first three quarters can achieve a home-based net profit of 2.07 billion yuan, an increase of 11009.32 percent year-on-year.
    the company's earnings forecast was mainly due to a rapid increase in sales of nucleic acid testing products.
    company is based on independent innovation gene technology as the core, set diagnostic reagents, instruments, third-party medical testing services as one of the overall solution provider of in-body diagnostics, is the national genetic testing technology application demonstration center, infectious diseases and tumor gene diagnosis technology national joint local engineering research center, national intellectual property rights demonstration enterprises.
    , Zhende Medical, Da'an Gene and Kantai Medical followed closely behind, with increases of 2115.4%, 1646.26% and 1122%, respectively.
    For the reasons for the substantial increase in performance, Zhende Medical, the main medical dressing, said that mainly affected by the outbreak, but with the progress of epidemic prevention and control, market epidemic prevention products production capacity and competition increased, the future of the company's epidemic prevention products sales continue to maintain a substantial growth there is a certain uncertainty.
    , an enterprise approved for nucleic acid testing reagents, made the above predictions based on the following reasons: the market demand for nucleic acid testing reagents increased significantly due to the outbreak, and the development of the outbreak has an uncertain impact on the accuracy of performance projections.
    It is understood that the company's business scope mainly covers molecular diagnostic technology, immunodiagnosis technology, bio-diagnostic technology, POCT and other diagnostic technology-based medical devices, medical and health services, health care, food safety and industrial investment and many other fields, with a number of product lines to fully layout the in-body diagnostic industry, and constantly extend the company's industrial layout to the field of large health.
    Main blood oxygen, monitoring and electrostartic medical device manufacturers and sellers of Kantai Medical, in the prospectuse also explained this year's operating performance has increased significantly, since the outbreak, due to the outbreak prevention and control and treatment needs, the company's infrared thermometer, blood oxygen and other products demand surge.
    It is worth mentioning that the company has also previously replied to investors that in the next three years, the company will keep up with industry trends, on the one hand, in the company has been involved in the blood oxygen, electro cardielectric, monitoring, ultrasound, blood pressure and other fields to further develop new products, on the other hand, will be the fund-raising project as an opportunity to use intelligent data technology based on smart devices to build human health data models, intelligent development and testing of intelligent equipment and other fields to increase research and development investment for the company's long-term business development.
    industry analysis pointed out that the impact of the outbreak, some pharmaceutical companies, especially medical device companies have been able to significantly increase the performance.
    with the continuous strength of China's medical device leader, as well as policies to encourage domestic alternative imports, the future has the advantage of domestic medical device companies are expected to continue to seize market share, more opportunities.
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