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    122 key monitoring drug prices are exposed, and it is imperative to keep the national drug prices consistent

    • Last Update: 2019-09-25
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    On September 24, Qinghai Province released the notice on publishing the results of filling in the national lowest price enterprises of some drugs, which publicized the national lowest price enterprises were required to fill in some drugs in the previous period In the notice on filling in the national minimum price of some drugs published on September 2, 2019, it is clearly required that from September 2, 2019 to September 10, 2019, the bidder of the enterprise shall fill in the national minimum price according to the relevant requirements For those who do not fill in according to the time, fill in the price as "0" and do not fill in the minimum purchase price, they shall be deemed to automatically give up participating in the centralized purchase If the lowest purchase price is falsely reported and the qualification to participate in the centralized purchase is cancelled, the enterprise will be recorded as dishonest record, and the enterprise will not be allowed to participate in the centralized purchase of drugs in our province within 2 years The number of drugs to be filled in this time is 523, and 25 product sequences are not filled in All of them are from 5 drug manufacturing enterprises including Benxi Hengkang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., Chenxin Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., Sichuan meidakang Jiale Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., Huaren Pharmaceutical (Rizhao) Co., Ltd and Hebei Tiancheng Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd It is worth noting that the list includes 122 key monitoring products, that is to say, the national lowest price of 122 key monitoring drugs is publicized to the public, so as to indirectly guide other provinces' purchase platforms, and carry out drug price reduction policies and drug regulatory functions based on this In terms of key monitoring drug manufacturers, Beijing Shuanglu has 6 quotations, the most in the list In my opinion, the quotation of Jiangxi Province is undoubtedly to help enterprises to raise the bottom The government needs to make clear the specific profits of drugs, and the purpose of publicizing them to the whole country is obvious It is to let the people of the whole country supervise whether there are regional pricing differences in enterprises It is also to hope that other provinces can follow similar behaviors, and provide reference with this price Although it seems to be a bit overbearing, but At present, it is the most effective way to reduce the price of drugs Once the national drug price is transparent, it is clear what kind of drug should be and how much, and the national unified retail price of nongfushanquan version is no longer far away, which is not only conducive to the people's access to low-cost drugs, improving the people's sense of happiness, but also conducive to the country's supervision of drug prices (price deviation, a check will know), and the Tianwang system of the pharmaceutical industry will be officially launched Statement: this opinion only represents the author, not the position of, welcome to exchange and supplement in the message area; if you need to reprint, please be sure to indicate the author and source of the article.
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