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    15-year follow-up study: High blood pressure during pregnancy can lead to loss of memory and learning function

    • Last Update: 2021-01-17
    • Source: Internet
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    Cardiovascular disease (CVD) and cerebrovascular diseases, including dementia, remain the leading causes of death and disability worldwide and share common risk factors.
    although women and men share many common risk factors, there are important gender differences in the effects of hypertension on cerebrovascular disease.
    addition, some risk factors for cardiovascular disease are specific to women.
    are particularly relevant to pregnancy and its complications, such as hypertension during pregnancy (HDP).
    women with HDP, especially those with gestational hypertension or pre-eclampsia, are advised to change their lifestyle to reduce their risk of developing the disease later in life.
    recent studies suggest that pre-eclampsia may be associated with cognitive impairment and even dementia.
    , some researchers have suggested that cognitive impairment or dementia should be considered a potentially preventable outcome and included in cardiovascular disease guidelines, rather than focusing on factors that reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease in HDP women.
    With this in common, Maria C ADANK of the University medical center of Rotterdam and others systematically explored the relationship between hypertension disorders (HDPs) during pregnancy and cognitive impairment after 15 years of pregnancy, and I included 115 women with HDP history and 481 women with a history of normal blood pressure pregnancy, and evaluated their cognitive function, mainly related to different cognitive abilities such as executive function, processing speed, speech memory, motor function and visual spatial ability.
    global cognitive factor (g-factor) comes from the analysis of the main component to assess cognitive function as a whole.
    found that 80 (69.6%) of HDP patients had gestational hypertension and 35 (30.4%) had pre-eclampsia.
    g-factor was lower in patients with HDP than in women with a history of normal blood pressure pregnancy.
    HDP is negatively associated with speech memory, mainly in the weakening of immediate recall (-0.25, 95% CI (-0.44-0.06)) and delayed memory (-0.30,95% CI (-0.50-0.10).
    with high blood pressure performed significantly worse on speech learning tests than pregnant women with normal blood pressure.
    importance of this study: After 15 years of pregnancy, HDP history is independently associated with poor working memory and language learning.
    this link is mainly found in women with high blood pressure in pregnancy.
    this suggests that clinicians and women experiencing HDP should be aware of this risk and intervene as early as possible.
    origins: Adank, MC, Hussainali, RF, Oosterveer, LC, Ikram, MA, Ap Steegers, E., Miller, EC, S. Schalekamp-Timmermans, S. (2020). Hypertensive disorders of pregnancy and cognitive impairment: A prospective cohort study. Neurology .

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