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    17 provinces have deployed geological disaster monitoring equipment to go all out to reduce the loss of life and property safety

    • Last Update: 2022-05-21
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    Chemical machinery and equipment network industry dynamics chemical machinery and equipment
      Last year, the heavy rainstorm disaster in Henan caused a huge sensation in the whole country.
    The geological disasters such as severe floods, landslides, and mudslides caused by the rainstorm can be described as its "strongest auxiliary"

    Under the multiple disasters, 14.
    786 million people in 150 counties (cities, districts) in Henan Province were affected, 398 people were killed or missing, and the direct economic loss reached 120.
    06 billion yuan, which seriously endangered the safety of life and property of Henan people and hindered Henan.
    province's economic development



      It is understood that the seasonality of heavy rain and floods is closely related to the north-south movement of the rain belt and the frequent activities of typhoons
    China has a vast territory, a large latitude span, and many rivers and lakes, so the flood seasons in different regions are also different

    But in general, April-September is the concentrated period of the flood season in various regions of our country, so the geological disasters caused by floods during this period have become the "culprit" threatening the safety of people's lives and properties



      As this year's flood season approaches, China will face a new round of geological disasters
    In order to effectively reduce property losses and casualties, geological disaster monitoring must be put on the agenda as soon as possible



      A few days ago, the 2022 national video conference on the prevention and control of geological disasters during the flood season was held.
    The meeting emphasized the need to solidly promote the prevention and control of geological disasters, put the people's life safety first, and do a good job in the period of heavy rainfall and after the occurrence of strong earthquakes.
    Monitoring, early warning and emergency response work, and making every effort to prevent geological disasters in key areas and key periods



      The development and progress of science and technology provide strong support for the early warning and monitoring of geological disasters
    High-precision InSAR technology, radar remote sensing monitoring, etc.
    are common technical means for geological disaster monitoring, which can clearly image and process the observed land and sea locations; displacement gauges, rain gauges, inclination gauges, crack gauges, satellite navigation receivers It is an important equipment for monitoring, with a high degree of automation and intelligence

    The geological disaster early warning and monitoring system is complex and sophisticated.
    In order to improve the effectiveness and mobility of the system and provide accurate pre-disaster early warning, disaster-time dynamic and post-disaster dispatch data for disaster prevention and control, operating equipment, communication networks, signal base stations, data service centers, etc.
    This link must be integrated and managed in the cloud

    With the development of science and technology in our country, this problem has been solved



      Recently, many regions in 17 provinces including Fujian, Guizhou, Shaanxi, Chongqing, and Gansu have successfully completed the installation and grid connection of geological disaster monitoring and early warning equipment in strict accordance with the arrangements of the superior geological disaster prevention work.

    It is understood that the universal geological disaster monitoring equipment installed this time is generally applicable to the three-level monitoring hidden danger points.
    The installation areas are mostly located in mountainous areas prone to geological disasters such as debris flows and landslides, which can realize comprehensive information on surface deformation and rainfall.
    Automatic azimuth monitoring provides accurate data support for local danger judgment



      While doing a good job in the early warning and response of geological disasters, we should also realize that the occurrence of geological disasters is not only the cause of nature itself, but also closely related to human activities
    For example, the collapses and mountain cracks caused by mining, soil erosion and landslides caused by deforestation, etc.
    , are all punishments by nature for human beings who destroy the ecological environment for their own selfish desires

    We should realize that while warning and prevention of geological disasters, nature is also issuing warnings to human beings.
    The frequent occurrence of extreme weather and sea level rise in recent years are examples

    If we still fail to abide by the principle of harmonious development between man and nature, then human beings will suffer the consequences, and nature will not just use geological disasters to retaliate against human beings



      Original title: 17 provinces have deployed geological disaster monitoring equipment to go all out to reduce the loss of life and property safety
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