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    180 Traditional Chinese medicines included in the volume of procurement! Exclusive varieties drop at least 20%!

    • Last Update: 2020-06-17
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    Pharmaceutical Network June 10, June 8 evening, Jinhua City, Zhejiang Province officially issued "on the second batch of Jinhua City drug volume procurement announcement", the number of imported varieties as high as 274, the procurement scale unprecedentedFrom the variety type, mainly divided into antibacterial drugs, traditional Chinese medicine two categories, of which antibacterial drugs are subdivided into non-original research, original research varieties, Traditional Chinese medicine is divided into non-low-cost drugs and low-cost drugs, many exclusive large varieties in the columnThe purchase volume of anti-infective drugs was 60% of the previous year's usage
    according to Jinhua City issued the "Second batch ofdrugs-band procurement regulations", which according to the 2019 Zhejiang Province drug procurement platform data, according to the pharmacological role of drugs divided into several categories, after discussion decided to fight infection and The drugs in the group ranked in the top list according to the total amount of purchased by the same generic name, taking into account the dosage form, specifications, primary or non-primary research, over-consistency evaluation and other factors, the formation of anti-infection primary research drugs, anti-infection non-primary research drugs and Traditional Chinese medicine and other three preliminary catalogsFor enterprises most concerned about the procurement volume, Jinhua clearly, by the relevantpharmaceuticalagencies to report the next year's estimated procurement volume, in principle, anti-infective drugs according to the previous year's use of 60% statistics;The second batch of drug tape procurement catalog found in Jinhua City: antibacterial drugs non-primary research drugs a total of 70, most of them for injections, a small number of oral varietiesInjection with pyrathrotopazole sodium, injection of cephalosporins, injection of melopinan, injection with voliconazole and other large varietiesIn terms of quantity, amosillinkravin (4:1) capsules were the largest purchased at 2732397, while amoxicillinkraviate (7:1) also purchased 1499327 packagesUnlike some regions, which do not distinguish between quality levels in the procurement of the belt, Jinhua specializes in the original research and antimicrobial mining, involving a total of 24 drugs, basically covering most of the well-known multinational pharmaceutical companies, including Pfizer, Roche, GSK, Xi'an Yangsen, Novartis and so onAmong them, Pfizer's injection of cephalosporine sodium shubatan (1:1) was the largest purchase, 417,974 bottlesAccording to, sales of all-body anti-bacterial drugs used in public medical institutions in China rose to 158.9 billion yuan in 2018, although growth has declined in recent years as a result of policyIn the industry's view, antibacterial drugs are basically one of the largest categories, and antibacterial drugs are strong alternative, manufacturers, supply is relatively adequate, with the conditions for the purchase of tapeTherefore, the purchase of anti-bacterial drug tape is bound to take the lead in landingWith the further reduction of prices, the process of industry intensification intensifies, and the competition of antimicrobials will be extremely fierceExclusive Chinese medicine at least 20%if the amount of anti-bacterial drug production is imperative, Jinhua on the Chinese traditional medicine to carry out large-scale volume procurement or set off a new waveJinhua City, the second batch of volume procurement included a total of 180 traditional Chinese medicine, Chinese medicine (excluding low-cost drugs) for 147 kinds, 33 kinds of low-cost drugs (8 exclusive varieties), including oral, injection, paste and other dosage forms; In recent years, pediatric medicine and pediatric drug market has been in the top position in the hospital terminals of chinese medical institutions, with sales reaching a new high of 1.476 billion yuan in 2019, up 21.96 percent year-on-year, according to Minnet dataAt the same time, Jinhua's demand for a reduction in traditional Chinese medicine is more stringentForenterprisesquotation, Jinhua said, in Zhejiang Province pharmaceuticalprocurementplatform winning the production enterprises can participate in the quotation (one quotation), anti-infective drugs according to the original research drug and non-original research drug quote, to the current Zhejiang Province medical insurance to paystandard(low-cost drugs to link (purchase) price, the same below), the price reduction shall not be less than (including) 10%And the same name in the same code containing low-cost drugs of traditional Chinese medicine set a maximum price, on the basis of the maximum price, the price reduction shall not be less than (including) 10%, wherein the exclusive enterprise production of Chinese traditional medicine is a low-cost medicine, on the basis of the maximum price, the price reduction shall not be less than (including) 20%Other traditional Chinese medicines based on the current Standard of medical insurance payment in Zhejiang Province, the price reduction shall not be less than (including) 20%This means that in addition to non-exclusive low-cost drugs, most traditional Chinese medicines, especially exclusive varieties, need to reduce prices by at least 20%   According to, sales of traditional Chinese medicine in the terminals of public medical institutions in China exceeded 283 billion yuan in 2019, the first negative growth rate, especially some of the sales of Chinese medicine injection products have declined to varying degrees If all over the country will gradually include Chinese traditional medicine in the volume of procurement, the Chinese medicine market will face more uncertainty   No enterprise selection, drug use will be halved
    overall, in the final election, Jinhua City will consider the clinical use of drugs, prices, decline and other factors, as well as expert review, by the highest score of the production enterprises   It is worth noting that, for the varieties not selected in the enterprise, Jinhua City also put forward strict requirements: if there are drug regulations no enterprise selection, encourage the city procurement alliance member units to choose high-quality low-cost alternative drugs At the same time, the municipal procurement alliance member units are required to reduce the annual forecast use of non-enterprise selected drugs 50%   The Jinhua model may be a reference for the purchase of local tape As at the end of last year, Jinhua City Drug Supplies Belt Volume Centralized Procurement Alliance Committee Drug Tape Procurement Regulations (first batch) issued, for Acapo sugar, amoxicillin, hydrochloric acid metformin, ammonia chloride equality 22 commonly used antibacterial drugs, cardiovascular drugs to carry out band procurement Jinhua City Medical Insurance Bureau Director has publicly said that Jinhua City' first batch of production procurement work has achieved good results, 22 drugs directly reduce the burden of patients 54 million yuan, an average decline of 28%, the highest drop of 73.6% of a single drug, for the province to provide a good reference experience, has been the provincial and national bureau leadership of a high degree of recognition   And in the provincial belt procurement everywhere flowering trend, the city-level volume procurement is also on the rapid landing In addition to Jinhua, Zhejiang, Wuhan, Yantai, Texas and other places have also started Some industry experts believe that the future of the country, provinces, cities will be in three levels of drugs, supplies to implement the volume of procurement, drug prices will also usher in a new round of downward adjustment
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