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    186 drugs to be transferred out of health insurance (with list)

    • Last Update: 2020-06-17
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    On June 4, the Medical Insurance Bureau of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region issued a notice on the adjustment of the "Guangxi Basic Medical Insurance, Industrial Injury Insurance and Maternity Insurance Drug Catalog" for adjustmentnotice clearly:, the original Guangxi basic medical insurance, industrial injury insurance and maternity insurance drugs in the scope of payment of the provisions of the drug gradually digested within 3 years, june 1, 2022 to implement the national basic medical insurance, industrial injury insurance and maternity insurance drug catalogueAdjust the specification of some drug names, classifications, dosage forms and limit the scope of paymentThis notice shall be implemented from June 1, 2020, and if it is inconsistent with the provisions of this notice, this notice shall prevailaccording to Seiber blue combing, in Guangxi this adjustment norms western medicine, traditional Chinese medicine part, 144 drugs were transferred out of the Western medicine part, 42 drugs were transferred out of the traditional Chinese medicine partin addition, a large number of drugs were required to implement a limited payment range in accordance with the national 2019 drug catalogue, and a small number of drugs were partially reimbursed dosage formsthe revised Guangxi "Drug Catalog" includes 1645 Western medicine stakes, 1759 Chinese traditional medicines (including 97 ethnic drugs), and 118 drugs negotiated during the agreement period (including 95 Western medicines and 23 Chinese medicines), for a total of 3522the number of drugs included in the regular access section of the 2019 edition of the National Medical Insurance Directory was 2,643, including 1,322 Western medicines, 1321 traditional Chinese medicines (including 93 ethnic medicines);local supplementary medical insurance varieties digestion accelerationapril this year, it was revealed that the National Health Insurance Administration's Department of Pharmaceutical Price stake and tender procurement has issued a focus on 2020, on the management of medical insurance catalog, requireall all regions as soon as possible to develop a three-year digestion plan for additional varieties, by the end of June this year, the state key monitoring varieties out of the catalog, and complete the 40% of the province's supplementary varieties digestionOn February 5,, the State Administration of Health Insurance issued the "2020 Notice of The Key Points of Health Insurance Work" that referred to strengthening the management of the health insurance catalogue - establishing a dynamic adjustment mechanism for the catalogue of medical insurance drugs, strengthening supervision and dispatching, and promoting the digestion of self-supplemented varieties in various places according to scheduleaugust 20 last year, the State Health Insurance Administration officially issued the 2019 edition of the National Health Insurance Directory, and at the same time proposed: "
    " all places should strictly implement the "Drug Catalog", not to develop their own catalogors or use alternative methods to increase the scope of the list of drugs, nor to adjust the scope of limited payment of drugs in the catalogFor the original provincial drug catalogue in accordance with the provisions of the increase of Class B drugs, should be gradually digested within 3 yearsIn the process of digestion, the provinces shall give priority to the adjustment of the scope of payment of drugs that are included in the scope of national key monitoring"according to Sae-Lan understand, the local supplementary varieties transfer out of the medical insurance arrangements as follows:1, focus on monitoring the list of drugs to take the lead out of the medical insurance directory;the 2019 health care catalog has been officially implemented since January 1 this yearAccording to the requirements of the National Health Insurance Administration, the provinces that docked the 2019 edition of the National Health Insurance Directory have explicitly proposed to remove state-focused surveillance drugs from the health insurance cataloghas begun to clean up additional varieties
    according to The seiber blue statistics, has Jiangxi, Shandong, Beijing, Hunan, Sichuan, Guangdong, Tianjin, Zhejiang, Anhui, Guangxi and other at least 15 provinces and cities on the local health insurance catalog addition varieties to remove a clear text, 4 provinces and cities to local health insurance supplementary varieties to give specific catalogues or guidance, many provinces and cities have published the transfer listOn April 22,, Anhui Provincial Health Insurance Bureau announced a draft of the draft for the digestion of the local medical insurance drug catalogue, explaining the varieties transferred from the provincial medical insurance catalogueAnhui Province announced two specific points of time:in June 2020 to announce the priority digestion of drugs, by the end of December 2020 to publish all digestive varieties, and clearly withdraw from Anhui Province medical payment scope of the specific timeDuring the three-year digestion period, if the relevant national policies are adjusted, they shall be implemented in accordance with the national regulations, the Jiangxi Provincial Health Insurance Bureau has established the Jiangxi Province TransitionAl Reserve Drug Catalog, including 22 Western medicines and 46 traditional Chinese medicines that exceed the "National New Edition Catalog", with a retention period of 12 December 2020 and June 30, 2022, respectively, and will be removed directly from the medical insurance catalogue after the expiration dateShandong Provincial Health Insurance Bureau has announced three years of gradual digestion of medical insurance varieties, a total of 268, of which 143 Western medicine, 125 traditional Chinese medicineHunan Provincial Health Insurance Bureau also issued a notice to determine the "digestion period of the drug part", a total of 404 varieties This part of the variety will be digested year by year in accordance with the provisions of the state, clearing out the scope of medical insurance the Beijing Municipal Health Insurance Bureau issued a notice, clearly remove the drugs removed from the national medical insurance drug catalogue of sodium pasobicarbonate oral asanobie and the scope of national key state medical insurance drugs, a total of 352 varieties, including 281 Western medicine and 71 traditional Chinese medicine Hebei Province Medical Insurance Bureau also issued a clear, the original addition of Class B drugs, priority out of the national and provincial key monitoring scope of drugs, the formation of a temporary reservation of the provincial supplementary drug catalog, the provincial medical security bureau will be gradually digested within three years There are 498 varieties in the provincial supplementary catalogue, including 286 Western medicines and 212 traditional Chinese medicines is the same as a direct loss of eligibility for medical insurance reimbursement for the varieties that have been transferred out of the local health insurance supplementary list With the increase of the national health insurance catalog adjustment frequency, some drugs with high price, inaccurate clinical efficacy and obvious therapeutic advantage will also face the pressure of losing medical insurance reimbursement the dynamic adjustment of the medical insurance catalogue will normalize April 29, the official website of the State Medical Security Administration issued the "Temporary Measures for the Administration of Drug Use in Basic Medical Insurance (Draft for Comments)" for public consultation, the draft for comments clearly states that the national medical insurance directory will be dynamically adjusted, in principle, once a year 2019 edition of the National Health Insurance Directory compared to the previous edition, a total of 150 varieties, about half of which are the State Drug Administration to withdraw the number of drugs, the rest are mainly clinical value is not high, abuse is obvious, there is a better alternative drug the state health insurance bureau issued a draft of the opinion further clarified the specific conditions for drugs to be transferred out of the medical insurance catalogue: drugs in the Drug Catalog, there are one of the following cases, after expert review, directly transferred out of the "Drug Catalog": (1) by the drug regulatory authorities to revoke, revoke or cancel the drug approval documents of the drug; (2) drugs prohibited from producing, sold and used by the relevant departments; (3) drugs listed by relevant departments and institutions; (4) taking into account clinical value, adverse reactions, drug economy and other factors, and (5) drugs that have entered the Drug Catalog directly through fraud and other illegal means; and other cases in which the state shall directly transfer drugs In addition, , the draft also stipulates that the following drugs are not included in the Drug List: drugs that primarily play a tonic role; drugs containing national precious and endangered wildlife medicines; health medicines; Class B OTC drugs; tablets reprocessed on standard beverage tablets, such as broken-wall edifice, refined drink tablets; preventive vaccines and contraceptives; and mainly enhanced function, sexual function, Drugs for the treatment of hair loss, weight loss, beauty, smoking cessation, alcohol withdrawal, etc.; diagnostic reagents, test reagents, etc., included in the treatment and treatment items charged; wine preparations, tea preparations, all kinds of fruit-flavoured preparations (except children's medications in special cases), oral medications and oral foaming agents (except special provisions), etc.; side is the policy requires the gradual digestion of local medical insurance supplementary varieties, a large number of drugs will lose local reimbursement qualifications; in the context of the overall more dynamic health insurance adjustment, the relevant pharmaceutical companies must be closer to the value of medical insurance, pay attention to the clinical safety and effectiveness of drug use, and further improve the cost-effective products attached: The drug that was transferred out of Guangxi's "Drug Catalog" the Western medicine part the part of traditional Chinese medicine
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