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    2017 Chinese medical and health industry welcome dinner held in San Francisco, USA

    • Last Update: 2017-01-15
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    Source: Yuanming capital 2017-01-14 on the night of January 10, San Francisco time, US, JP Morgan medical and health conference was in full swing, sponsored by China Merchants Bank, China pharmaceutical innovation promotion association and Yuanming capital, CO organized by China US pharmaceutical investment and research alliance, with the help of step pharmaceutical and inteahouse Welcome dinner for China's medical and health industry "was held ceremoniously

    Although it rained heavily on that day, everyone's enthusiasm remained unchanged

    More than 100 medical and health professionals participated in the event, including the founders of new medical and health enterprises, senior executives of large enterprises, investors of well-known investment institutions and other industry elites

    The theme of this meeting is "resource allocation in China and the United States"

    The guests had in-depth exchanges on this topic, and they were very pleased to have a chat

    They also pushed the JP Morgan medical and health conference to a new climax

    From Renfu pharmaceutical, Changbu pharmaceutical, Tianshili, Sansheng pharmaceutical, Zhongyuan Xiehe, Kanghong pharmaceutical, China Resources pharmaceutical, yaomingkant, Beihai Kangcheng, Yasheng pharmaceutical, Lisheng pharmaceutical, Hualing pharmaceutical, Fangen pharmaceutical, Suoyuan biology, thingdi, meinian health, BOE, Jiuzhoutong, China Merchants Bank, xintianyu, hande, sunshine insurance, Yuanhe origin, Letu investment Ms

    Zhao Ying, the host of the conference and the managing partner of Yuanming capital, expressed a warm welcome to the guests and the old friends of the sponsor, and made a lively and interesting introduction to the speakers


    Zhao has worked for many years in Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, Bank of America Merrill Lynch and other international well-known investment banks

    Under the platform of Yuanming, she looks forward to promoting exchanges between China and the United States in the medical industry with elites in the industry, and pushing the innovation and development of China's health care industry to a new level


    Zhao Ying, managing partner of Yuanming capital, made an opening speech

    In this activity, Mr

    Song Ruilin, executive chairman of China pharmaceutical innovation promotion association, delivered an important speech during JP Morgan meeting for the first time

    President song is a medical law and policy expert with 30 years of experience

    He has done a lot of work to establish the legal system of Chinese medicine and improve the innovation environment of Chinese medicine

    China Association for the promotion of drugs has become a landmark leader in China's drug research and development industry

    At this meeting, president Song interpreted China's new drug research and development environment from the perspective of policy

    President Song said: China's pharmaceutical innovation environment is undergoing major changes, and the policies to promote innovation are accelerating implementation

    In particular, significant progress has been made in the reform of drug review and approval policies, and China's drug policies are becoming more and more international

    China will pay more and more attention to the improvement of intellectual property protection system, data protection system and international multi center clinical system

    The new drug innovation environment will become better and better, which will be a great benefit to the investment community and the pharmaceutical innovation community

    The good news that President song brought to you made the new drug R & D entrepreneurs and investors present enthusiastic

    The integration and interaction of resources between China and the United States and the gradual improvement of the domestic environment will enhance the prospect of the industry development to a higher level, and the new drug research and development in China will develop rapidly in the next decade! Mr

    Song Ruilin, executive chairman of China pharmaceutical innovation promotion association, addressed Mr

    Mao Xuejun, vice president of China Merchants Bank New York branch

    Since its establishment 29 years ago, China Merchants Bank has developed into the sixth largest domestic commercial bank listed in Shanghai and Hong Kong

    By the end of 2015, China Merchants Bank had more than 1700 branches and established service outlets in more than 120 cities in mainland China, with 5 It has more than 70000 employees in three overseas branches and three overseas representative offices

    It is a banking group with financial licenses of commercial banks, financial leasing, fund management, life insurance, overseas investment banks, etc

    As a pioneer in banking industry, China Merchants Bank's cross-border loan and investment banking services rank among the top Chinese banks, and play an important role in the process of internationalization of Chinese enterprises, including China Merchants Bank New York co leading this year's junior high school credit, Carlyle's acquisition of McDonald's China and Hong Kong's $2.1 billion transaction syndicate

    In the field of biomedicine, CMB assisted a number of pharmaceutical enterprises to complete cross-border M & A projects in 2016, including CMB New York helping humanwell pharmaceutical to acquire epic Pharma of the United States, providing it with more than $300 million in financing

    In the future, China Merchants Bank will play a greater role in the process of resource allocation in the medical and health industry of China and the United States, and help entrepreneurs and investors to achieve greater success


    Mao Xuejun, vice president of New York branch of China Merchants Bank, made a speech


    Yu Tianning, partner of Yuanming capital management, combined with her experience of attending JP Morgan health annual meeting in recent ten years, said that this year's meeting is the most integrated one between the two markets of China and the United States

    A large number of European and American companies participated in the satellite meeting hosted by China

    At the same time, a considerable number of Chinese companies were invited to JP Morgan conference reports

    Dr Yu believes that there are two powerful forces behind this phenomenon

    First, the quality of Chinese biotechnology companies has been greatly improved under the leadership of returnees

    Among the landmark events, Baiji Shenzhou, a company invested by Yuanming capital, successfully listed on NASDAQ in February 2016, with a market value of more than US $1 billion

    In addition, a group of biotechnology companies from China will land in the US capital market in the near future

    For example, Yasheng pharmaceutical, a new and innovative pharmaceutical company invested by Yuanming, whose founder Dr

    Yang Dajun was also invited to give a keynote speech at the main venue of JP Morgan

    Second, financial capital and industrial capital from China are increasingly active in investment activities in the United States, actively allocating resources between the two countries

    Yuanming capital started substantive contact with mevion, the world's leading proton equipment company, at the JP Morgan conference two years ago, and then completed the transaction

    Now Yuanming is actively promoting the landing of mevion products in the Chinese market

    During this meeting, a lot of similar negotiations are under way

    The exchanges between China and the United States and the efficient allocation of resources will become a major normal of JP Morgan annual meeting in the future

    It can be predicted that with the trend of closer cooperation between China and the United States, biotech enterprises with the ability to coordinate the allocation of resources between the two countries will be more growing and favored by investors

    Meanwhile, China's high-quality biotech assets will appreciate substantially as the hotels during the San Francisco Conference due to scarcity


    Si Tingyou, general manager of step asset management center, delivered a speech by Dr

    Yu Tianning, partner of Yuanming capital management, said that step pharmaceutical was founded in 1993 and successfully landed in a share in November 2016

    At the end of 2016, step ranked fifth in the total market value of 173 listed companies in the medical and health industry

    In the future, step will increase the strength of R & D, cooperation and M & A, cooperate with medical enterprises and intermediary service agencies, and carry out authorized introduction and joint development And other businesses

    At the same time, Mr

    Si Tingyou introduced the development process of step pharmaceutical and looked forward to cooperating with the elites of the industry on the platform of this medical and health conference

    After a wonderful speech by Mr

    Si Tingyou, general manager of step asset management center, friends from all walks of life continued to exchange views and share delicious food in a relaxed and pleasant environment, and spent a good night together in San Francisco, which brought a complete end to the event!
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