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    2017 Shanghai International Waterborne Coating Additive Technology and Application Exhibition

    • Last Update: 2021-08-06
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    Hall name: Shanghai Convention and Exhibition Center for International Sourcing

    Address: 2739 Guangfu West Road

    Start time: 2017.

    Sponsor: China Chemical Industry Association

    Organizer: Shanghai Langxin Exhibition Service Co.
    , Ltd.

    Supporting unit: East China Coating and Dyestuff Industry Association of China Chemical Environmental Engineering Association

    Detailed description: 2017 Shanghai International Waterborne Coating Additive Technology and Application Exhibition

    April 26-28, 2017 Shanghai Convention and Exhibition Center for International Sourcing (2739 Guangfu West Road)

    Exhibition highlights

    ◇ Presenting advanced technologies and solutions to prove the market position of water-based coating additives

    ◇ Gather the latest market information, gain insight into the latest market trends, and meet high-quality customers

    ◇ An efficient business platform that showcases your latest technology, new products, and new equipment

    Exhibition advantage

    ◇ Huge buyer market: The Yangtze River Delta Economic Circle has concentrated my country's most intensive industry users

    ◇ Sharing audience resources: the "International Surfactant and Detergent Exhibition" will be held at the same time

    ◇ High-end Technology Forum: Waterborne Coatings Summit Forum and Waterborne Coating Additives Innovation Achievement Seminar

    ◇ Commercial procurement platform: Committed to helping upstream and downstream companies establish new procurement supplies and channels to meet procurement needs

    Additives are an indispensable component of water-based coatings.
    The product quality and development level of additives reflect the quality level of coating products from one side

    With the advancement of science and technology and the rapid development of the national economy, people’s awareness of environmental protection has increased day by day.
    "Energy saving and environmental protection" has become an industrial policy encouraged by the state to promote the development of enterprises.
    In this environment, the Chinese coatings industry has turned to the "water-based market".

    Due to people's preference for low-toxicity, low-VOC coatings and formulation technology for multifunctional additives, there are more and more new environmentally friendly additives.
    Therefore, the market demand for water-based coating additives is strong


    In order to promote the rapid development of the water-based coating additives industry, meet market demand, and strengthen exchanges and cooperation between industries, the "2017 Shanghai International Water-based Coating Additives Technology and Application Exhibition" will be held to focus on the development trend of the industry and market promotion , Product marketing and technological innovation and other important topics display exchanges, and directly hit the frontiers of policy, academic and industry with a new strategic perspective, so as to promote the continuous innovation and rapid development of the country and enterprises in this field, and create a one-stop procurement platform

    Supporting unit: East China Paint and Dye Industry Association of China Chemical Environmental Engineering Association Organizer: China Chemical Industry Society Organizer: Shanghai Langxin Exhibition Service Co.
    , Ltd.

    ●Exhibitor Industry

    ◎ Domestic and foreign petrochemical, coatings, textiles, plastics, rubber, paper, ink, environmental protection, leather, building materials, daily chemical industries, etc.

    ◎Domestic and foreign trade organizations, research institutes and universities, scientific research institutions and related professional scholars, industry media, etc.

    ●If you are a supplier of the following products, please reserve a booth immediately

    ◎Leveling agent: Wetting (slip) leveling agent and surface tension reducer, silicone leveling agent, acrylate leveling agent, polyether siloxane leveling agent


    ◎Wetting agent: substrate (substrate) wetting agent, pigment and filler wetting agent, foam-inhibiting substrate wetting agent, non-ionic wetting agent


    ◎Defoamers: foam inhibitors, defoamers, water-based silicone defoamers, mineral oil defoamers, fluorosiloxane defoamers, silicone defoamers, silicone-free defoamers, polymeric defoamers Agent


    ◎ Dispersant: wetting and dispersing agent and pigment dispersion carrier, controlled flocculation wetting and dispersing agent, deflocculation wetting and dispersing agent


    ◎Thickeners: thickeners, devariants, cellulose thickeners, cellulose ethers and their derivatives, alkali swelling thickeners, polyurethane associative thickeners, divided into Newtonian behavior thickeners according to their characteristics , Pseudoplastic associative thickener, etc.

    ◎Film forming aids: plasticizers, polymerization agents, co-solvents, co-solvents, paint film matting agents


    ◎Anti-corrosion and anti-mildew agent: including in-tank antiseptic, paint film anti-mildew agent and anti-algae agent, corrosion inhibitor and corrosion inhibitor


    ◎ wax and wax emulsions: natural waxes, synthetic waxes, vegetable waxes, animal waxes, polymer wax, carnauba wax, beeswax, paraffin, wax and the like


    ◎Crosslinking curing agent: polyisocyanate crosslinking agent, aziridine compound crosslinking agent, epoxy crosslinking agent, siloxane crosslinking agent, polycarbodiimide crosslinking agent, oxidation crosslinking agent, amine Compound cross-linking epoxy emulsion, melamine resin cross-linking agent, modified isocyanate cross-linking agent


    ◎ special effect additives include: slip, wear, scratch, by hard, soft feeling, anti-blocking, water-repellent, anti-graffiti, improve adhesion, and other effects whitening additives, water repellent

    Drying agent, anti-skinning agent and catalyst pH regulator


    ◎ analytical instruments, quality inspection, packaging technology, production equipment


    ●Exhibition Rules

    Booth fee:

    (1) Standard booth fee: Domestic exhibitors: 12,800 yuan/standard booth (9㎡/piece)

    International exhibitors: US$3200/standard booth (9㎡/piece

    The standard booth includes carpet, three-sided hoarding, company name fascia, one consulting table, two chairs, one fluorescent lamp, and one power socket

    (2) Empty venue fee Domestic exhibitors: 1,200 yuan/㎡ (rental at least 36㎡) International exhibitors: 320 USD/㎡

    The empty space does not bring any display racks and facilities, and the construction company recommended by the exhibitor or the entrusting organization unit


    (3) Booth arrangement: The organizer reserves the right to move a small number of booths on the principle of "register first, pay first, arrange first"


    Conference arrangement:

    The organizer will send or mail the Exhibitor's Manual (related matters such as schedule, exhibit transportation, hotel reception, exhibition catalog editing, booth construction, etc.
    ) to the exhibitors 30 days before the exhibition period


    ●Contact information:

    Contact: Hu Jun 13641981115

    Phone: 021-60154277


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