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    2017 World Baking and Fermented Food Biotechnology Summit Forum.

    • Last Update: 2020-09-24
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    World Baking and Fermented Food Biotechnology Summit Forum and
    World Baking Frontier Technology and Industry Development Summit Notice
    2017 International Forum on Baking and Fermentation Biotechnology for Foods Notice
    With the rapid development of China's baking industry, China has become the world's fourth largest baked goods market. In recent years, the situation of China's baking industry has undergone significant changes, baking products, such as health value, safety control, green production and other scientific and technological issues have increasingly become a hot issue in the baked goods industry. Enzyme and fermented food biotechnology has always been the most dynamic sector in the food industry, meeting the growing nutritional and health cravings for baked goods through continuous scientific and technological innovation.
    In order to keep abstring on the latest developments in scientific research and cross-cutting fields in the field of baking and fermented food biotechnology at home and abroad, to understand the latest developments in new products, new technologies, new ingredients, new equipment, new regulations, new business models and other developments in the baking industry, and to promote the docking and exchange of science and technology and industry, Jiangnan The University will jointly host the 2017 World Summit on Baking and Fermented Food Biotechnology and the 2017 World Baking Frontier Technology and Industry Development Summit in Wuxi from May 4-7, 2017. With the theme of "Green and Health", the Forum will invite leading experts from AACC International, the world's most famous academic organization, to present the latest developments in international baking and fermentation and industrialization technologies, and industry figures from world-class enterprises to introduce the practical application of enzymes and biotechnology in the baked goods industry. At the same time, experts and business representatives from the field of domestic baking and food biotechnology will also share the research progress and application of fermented food biotechnology in China's baking industry. With a view to building an international bridge for the global baking field of science and technology personnel, industry representatives on the progress and application of baking and fermented food biotechnology communication and exchange, for the future development and promotion of the industry to play a positive leading and demonstration role, to create a high-end professional event with distinctive industry characteristics.
    Forum Details:
    Organizer: Jiangnan University, Luwen University (Belgium)
    Co-sponsored by the International Grain Chemist Association of China Baked Food Sugar Products Industry Association
    Co-sponsored by: Jiangnan University Baking Science and Functional Matching
    Jiangnan University Brewing Microbiology and Applied Enzymes Research Office
    Jiangnan University School of Food, Jiangnan University School of Biological Engineering
    Co-sponsored and sponsored: Puratos (Baking Road), Novozymes (Novi) Letter) and more than a dozen domestic and foreign first-class enterprises
    Forum Date: May 4 to May 7, 2017
    Forum Location: Jun afterlife hotel in Wuxi City, Jiangsu Province (Wuxi City Binhu District and Wind Road 111 No.)
    Forum Topics: Green and Health
    Forum Working Languages
    : Chinese,
    English; Forum Registration: 1800 RMB/person
    Forum Accommodation: This forum accommodation costs self-care, Forum Hotel for the Jiangsu Wuxi Jun Afterlife Hotel
    Forum Contact: Zhang Bingle Chen Cheng Zhang Jiaxin Yu Xiaowei Hanye Hui Ren Cong
    Contact Address: 1800 Lake Avenue, Binhu District, Wuxi City, Jiangsu Province, Jiangnan University
    Forum Total Email:
    Forum Website:

    Forum Receipts: Delegates who intend to participate in this Forum are requested to send the Returns Email Edition to the Official Email ( by April 26, 2017 to enable the Conference Group to determine accommodation requirements and arrange meals.
    Forum Traffic Guide:
    This forum in addition to special guests, will not arrange for participants to pick up and drop off, arrived at the venue's transportation routes are as follows:
    1. Sunan Shuo International Airport: take a taxi to Wuxi Jun afterlife hotel about 14 kilometers, the journey time is about 25 minutes, about 40 yuan.
    2. Wuxi Station: Take a taxi to Wuxi Junshu Hotel about 17 kilometers, the journey time is about 30 minutes, about 50 yuan.
    3. Wuxi East Station: Take a taxi to Wuxi Junsheng Hotel about 23 kilometers, 35 minutes drive, about 65 yuan.
    4. Wuxi New Area Station: Take a taxi to Wuxi Jun Afterlife Hotel about 9 kilometers, a 20-minute drive, about 25 yuan.
    Baking Frontier Technology and Industrial Development Seminar Special Contact: Zhang Bingle Chen Cheng Zhang Keyin
    Tel: 0510-859139 0510-85329067 1891248800515160393946
    E-mail: chengchen_bks@qq.comaaccchina
    Ase/Fermentation Biotechnology Frontier Technology Seminar Special Contact: Yu Xiaowei Hanye Hui Ren Cong
    Tel: 0510-851977601505069216215094380622
    2017 World Baking and Fermented Food Biotechnology Summit Organizing Committee
    March 31, 2017.
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