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    2020 ASCO Annual Meeting: Short-term radiotherapy brings new benefits to patients with advanced rectal cancer

    • Last Update: 2020-06-16
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    The annual American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) is one of the most influential events in the global oncology community, where cutting-edge scientific research, relevant clinical data on cancer prevention and care are presentedThe theme of the 2020 ASCO annual conference is "Unity and Conquest, Together To Accelerate Progress", which was held online from May 29-31, and a number of new Auxiliary Treatment (Total Neoadjuft Therapy, TNT) model studies were reported as a highlight of localized progressive colorectal cancer treatment, including rapido studies of short-term radiotherapy and combined chemotherapy compared to long-range chemotherapyRAPIDO Research is an international multicenter Phase III clinical study designed to reduce local late-stage rectal cancer (LARC)-related treatment failure (DrTF) and reduce the risk of systemic recurrence without affecting local controlDelayed surgery after short-range radiotherapy (SCRT) and chemotherapy during the waiting period may reduce staging and distant metastasisThe study was a European multi-center, Phase III RCT (Randomized Controlled Trial, randomized controlled trial) study in which patients with local progressive rectal cancer who were assessed by MRI as having high-risk factors included at least one of the following factors: cT4a/b, cN2, intestinal wall extravascular aggression (EMVI plus), rectal fascia aggression (MRF plus) or lateral lymph nodesThe study involved a total of 920 patients, randomly assigned to two groups, the trial group was 5 x 5Gy short-range radiotherapy after 6-cycle CAPOX or 9-cycle FOLFOX4 chemotherapy after TME surgery;The main endpoint of the study was disease-related treatment failure rates (DrTF)The results showed that the tolerance of both groups was better, there was no significant difference between surgery and postoperative complications, the 3-year DrTF and distant metastasis rate of short-range radiotherapy and chemotherapy group decreased by about 7%, DrTF was 23.9%, significantly lower than the control group's 30.4% (P-0.019), and the distance metastasis rate was lower (20.0% vs 26.8%, P.005), pathologyThe total remission rate (pCR) was 1 x higher than that of the control group (28.4% vs 14.3%, P 0.001), and there was no significant difference between the two groups (8.7% vs 6.0%, P-0.09), OS (89.1% vs 88.8%, P-0.59)RAPIDO studies show that in high-risk LARC patients, the TNT treatment model of short-range radiotherapy plus interval chemotherapy significantly reduced the rate of distant metastasis and disease-related treatment failure for high-risk local progression rectal cancerIn addition, the high pCR rate obtained by experimental treatment options contributes to organ preservationFor locally progressive rectal cancer, the traditional new auxiliary treatment mode is to perform a full rectal resection (TME) and auxiliary chemotherapy after the new auxiliary chemotherapy, which can significantly reduce the rate of local recurrence with the more assisted chemotherapy, but does not bring survival benefits, and distant metastasis is the main failure modeIn addition, for patients with low local progression period rectal cancer, the loss of function caused by the cannot be protected, affecting the quality of life of patientsThe TNT treatment model of short-range radiotherapy plus interval chemotherapy brings new hope and choice to this type of patientRadiotherapy is mainly used to alleviate local symptoms in patients with advanced rectal cancer, such as significantly relieve the pain caused by tumor compression pelvic nerves, reduce rectal bleeding, reduce the feeling of bloating of the rectal anus, defecation and remission, which can greatly improve the quality of life of patientsTOMO radiation therapy can achieve a single exposure to multiple complex lesions, accuratetarget tumor tissue, maximize the protection of normal organs, improve tumor control, reduce relapse metastasis, reduce side reactions, to extend the survival of patients, improve the quality of life of patients has a unique advantage Zhejiang Medical Hospital International Medical Center TOMO Oncology Radiation Treatment Center, is the only two TOMO tumor radiation treatment centers in Hangzhou, led by the province's well-known radiotherapy experts team, pay attention to standardized diagnosis and treatment, emphasizing personalized treatment, to achieve the diagnosis of tumor stage, target area sketching, the development of treatment plan and radiation therapy integration With accurate, efficient and safe treatment, first-class technology, state-of-the-art equipment and personalized service for cancer patients to relieve pain, bring the gospel Source: Tumor Says
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