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    2020 DIA Annual Meeting Site: China's innovative drug development into the fast lane two major problems need to be solved

    • Last Update: 2020-11-10
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    In recent years, with the continuous change of policy and market environment, innovation has become an unavoidable topic for Chinese pharmaceutical companies, the development of innovative pharmaceutical industry has accelerated, and more and more innovative research and development achievements have emerged.
    October 28, at the 12th DIA China Annual Meeting, a number of industry participants discussed the current situation of China's innovative drug development and new challenges.
    The domestic market for innovative drugs has been increasing year by year, with the number of research and development pipelines accounting for 8% of the global quality and quantity of pharmaceutical innovation achievements in China in the past few years, and the number of research and development pipelines accounting for 8% of the world, second only to the United States at 48%, higher than the traditional pharmaceutical powerhouses of the United Kingdom, Germany and Japan.
    has entered the second tier and is the leader of the ladder.
    To this, Baiji Shenzhou senior vice president Wang Li pointed out: "Biotech enterprises for the development of the industry to play a role in promoting, looking back five years ago, it is difficult for Chinese pharmaceutical companies to make first in class, can do a good job of too too is good, but in recent years China's innovation environment is constantly changing, the pace of innovation has greatly increased, the development of the last three years can be worth the past 10-20 years."
    " According to the CIC Industry Research Institute's In-depth Research and Investment Prospects Report on China's Innovative Pharmaceutical Industry 2020-2024, the size of China's innovative pharmaceutical market is increasing year by year, reaching US$118.2 billion in 2017, US$128.6 billion in 2018 and US$137.6 billion in 2019.
    China's innovative drug market size in 2014-2019 and its global share: $1 billion data source: Frost Sullivan innovation drug development into the fast lane, two major problems need to be solved although China's independent research and development of new drugs has entered a rapid growth, but with the two major problems are also more prominent.
    1. Target stacking is serious, drug enterprise differentiation route is difficult to find most of China's innovation is to follow the international hot target, it is true that the success rate of this model is higher, the risk is low, but the phenomenon of stacking is very serious.
    e.g. PD-1/PD-L1, there are currently more than 260 drugs associated with the target, there are 115 in the clinical trial stage, Hengrui Pharmaceuticals, Lizhu Group, Colum Pharmaceuticals, Baiji Shenzhou, Xinda Bio, Fuhong Hanxuan and other pharmaceutical companies are on this track.
    statistics, the country claims to have PD-1/ L1 products of enterprises have more than 100.
    , EGFR, CDK4/6, HER2, VEGFR, CD47 and other targets have attracted a number of corporate layouts.
    and China's innovative drugs based on new targets are still lacking, research and development innovation ability needs to be improved.
    the past five years, there have been large-scale innovative pharmaceutical companies such as Baiji Shenzhou and Xinda, and emerging innovative enterprises need to find differentiated routes to gain a foothold.
    to this, Baiji Shenzhou senior vice president Wang Li pointed out that under the new situation, Biotech should pay more attention to scientific research and innovation, avoid target piles, seriously think about 3-5 years after the company how to develop, rather than just look at the present.
    believes that in the future, China's fast follow drug will continue to appear, but first in class will also usher in the development.
    2. Talent training is still limited, scientific research and clinical needs to integrate whether it is market reshuffle or enterprise's own business adjustment, talent is always the most core element of development.
    in the training of talents, China's innovative pharmaceutical enterprises still have a long way to go.
    Gaoxuan Capital Group's chief investment officer, partner Yi Noqing believes that for pharmaceutical companies, the need is not only research and development personnel, but also through capital to play a link role, the market-oriented management, management and other talent organizations to help the development of the industry.
    To this end, Dr. Lu Wei, director of the Lung Cancer Center of Shanghai Chest Hospital, said that at present, China's talent training system is not perfect, clinical and scientific research is relatively divided, in order to make great progress, China's pharmaceutical innovation to break the limitations of talent training, production and research combined, so that scientific research work to better help new drug research and development.
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