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    2020 "medicine point" is coming! Work report of the government: increase R & D investment in drugs and promote the revitalization and development of traditional Chinese Medicine

    • Last Update: 2020-06-19
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    On the morning of May 22, the third session of the 13th National People's Congress opened in BeijingThe government work report pointed out that the expected objectives before the outbreak had been properly adjusted based on the comprehensive study and judgment of the situationThis year, we will give priority to stabilizing employment and ensuring people's livelihood, resolutely win the battle of poverty alleviation, and strive to achieve the goal of building a moderately prosperous society in all respectsMore than 9 million new jobs will be created in cities and towns, consumer prices will rise by about 3.5%, and import and export will promote stability and quality, The balance of payments is basically balanced; the growth of residents' income is basically in step with the economic growth; under the current standards, all the rural poor are lifted out of poverty and all the poor counties are decapitated; major financial risks are effectively prevented and controlled; the energy consumption per unit of GDP and the emission of major pollutants continue to decline, and efforts are made to complete the target tasks of the 13th five year plan< br / >The GDP reached 99 trillion and 100 billion yuan, an increase of 6.1%13.52 million new urban jobs were created, with the unemployment rate under 5.3%Consumer prices rose 2.9%The balance of payments is basically in balance< br / > 2 < br / > economic structure and regional layout continue to be optimizedThe total retail sales of social consumer goods exceeded 40 trillion yuan, and consumption continued to play a major roleAdvanced manufacturing and modern service industries grew rapidlyGrain output remained above 1.3 trillion JinFor the first time, the urbanization rate of permanent residents has exceeded 60%, and major regional strategies have been implemented in depth< br / > 3 < br / > the new momentum of development is continuously enhancedA number of major achievements have been made in scientific and technological innovationEmerging industries continued to grow and traditional industries accelerated their upgradingMass entrepreneurship and innovation were carried out in depth, with a net increase of more than 10000 enterprises per day< br / > 4 < br / > important steps have been taken in reform and opening upSupply side structural reform continued to deepen, and new breakthroughs were made in important areasTax reduction and fee reduction amounted to 2.36 trillion yuan, which exceeded the original scale of nearly 2 trillion yuanManufacturing industry and small and micro enterprises benefited the mostThe task of reform of government institutions was completed"One belt, one road" has been built in the reform of "letting the tube and clothing" reform in depth, and the new "create a new way" has been achievedRegulations for the implementation of the law on foreign investment have been promulgated, new areas of Shanghai pilot free trade zone have been added, and foreign trade and investment have remained stable< br / > 5 < br / > key progress has been made in the three major battlesThe number of poor people in rural areas decreased by 11.09 million, the incidence of poverty decreased to 0.6%, and decisive achievements were made in poverty alleviationThe prevention and control of pollution continued to advance, the discharge of major pollutants continued to decline, the overall improvement of the ecological environment, and the overall stable financial operation< br / > < br / > 6 < br / > People's livelihood further improvedThe per capita disposable income of residents exceeds 30000 yuanThe level of basic old-age care, medical care, minimum living insurance and other security has been improvedThe construction of urban security houses and the transformation of rural dilapidated houses have been further promotedThe number of students living in compulsory education increased by nearly 40%, and vocational colleges expanded their enrollment by 1 million < br / > 7 < br / > in the prevention and control of epidemic situation, through decisive implementation of strict control measures and national support, more than 40000 medical staff were dispatched to quickly expand the number of admitted beds, give priority to the protection of medical materials, constantly optimize the diagnosis and treatment plan, adhere to the combination of Chinese and Western medicine, and spare no effort to treat patients, so as to maximize the cure rate and reduce the death rate We will strengthen research and development of drugs, vaccines and testing reagents We will rapidly expand the production of medical materials, increase it substantially in a short period of time, ensure the supply and price of daily necessities, and ensure the smooth transportation and the supply of coal, electricity, oil and gas We will comprehensively promote epidemic prevention and control and economic and social development, seize the opportunity to resume work and production, launch 90 policies and measures in 8 aspects, implement assistance to stabilize posts, reduce some taxes and fees, exempt all toll road tolls, reduce energy costs, and issue discount loans Issue special bonds of local government in advance according to the procedures Do not miss the spring ploughing We will unswervingly push forward poverty alleviation We will give subsidies to the first-line anti epidemic workers and those in need, and raise the standard of temporary subsidies by one time < br / > This year's deficit rate is planned to be set at 3.6% or more The size of the fiscal deficit is 1 trillion yuan more than last year At the same time, we will issue 1 trillion yuan of special government bonds to fight the epidemic All the above-mentioned 2 trillion yuan will be transferred to the local government, and a special transfer payment mechanism will be established The funds will go directly to the basic level of cities and counties and directly benefit the enterprises and the people They are mainly used to protect employment, basic people's livelihood and the main body of the market, including supporting tax reduction and fee reduction, rent reduction and interest rate reduction, expanding consumption and investment, strengthening the nature of public finance and never allowing withholding and misappropriation We should vigorously optimize the structure of fiscal expenditure, increase basic expenditures for people's livelihood, ensure expenditures in key areas, resolutely reduce general expenditures, prohibit new buildings, and prohibit extravagance and waste The central government's expenditure arrangements at the same level grew negatively, with non urgent and non rigid expenditures reduced by more than 50% All kinds of surplus and settled funds should be collected and rearranged < br / > 2 < br / > a sound monetary policy should be more flexible and appropriate The growth rate of broad money supply and social financing scale is significantly higher than that of last year by comprehensively using such means as reducing the standard and interest rates and re lending Keep the RMB exchange rate basically stable at a reasonable and balanced level We need to innovate monetary policy tools that go directly to the real economy We need to promote enterprises to facilitate access to loans and keep interest rates down < br / > 3 < br / > the employment priority policy should be comprehensively strengthened Fiscal, monetary and investment policies should focus on supporting employment stability Efforts should be made to stabilize the existing employment, actively increase new employment, and promote the reemployment of the unemployed All localities should clear up and eliminate unreasonable restrictions on employment, make full use of measures to promote employment, and make full use of measures to expand jobs < br / > 4 < br / > increase tax reduction and fee reduction We will strengthen phased policies, combine them with institutional arrangements, release water and raise fish, and help market players rescue and develop This year, we will continue to implement systems such as the reduction of value-added tax rate and enterprise endowment insurance rate, and increase tax cuts and reduce fees by about 500 billion yuan In the early stage, the policy of tax reduction and fee reduction due before June was introduced, including exemption from the payment of small and medium-sized enterprises' endowment insurance, unemployment insurance and work-related injury insurance units, reduction of small-scale taxpayers' value-added tax, exemption from value-added tax on public transport, catering and accommodation, tourism and entertainment, culture and sports and other services, reduction and exemption of Civil Aviation Development Fund and port construction fees The implementation period was all extended to the end of this year The payment of income tax for small and micro enterprises and individual businesses will be postponed to next year It is expected to reduce the burden for enterprises by more than 2.5 trillion yuan in the whole year < br / > 5 < br / > promote the reduction of production and operation costs The policy of reducing the industrial and commercial electricity price by 5% was extended to the end of this year The average charge for broadband and dedicated lines will be reduced by 15% To reduce the rent of state-owned real estate, encourage all kinds of owners to reduce or postpone the collection of rent, and provide policy support We will resolutely punish enterprises involved in charging fees in violation of regulations < br / > 6 < br / > strengthen financial support to stabilize enterprises The loan extension policy for SMEs will be extended to the end of March next year The loan for inclusive SMEs should be extended as long as possible, and the loan negotiation for other difficult enterprises should be extended Encourage banks to substantially increase credit loans, first loans and non repayment loans for small and micro enterprises Greatly expand the coverage of government financing guarantee and significantly reduce the rate The loan growth rate of inclusive small and micro enterprises of large commercial banks is higher than 40% Support enterprises to expand bond financing Strengthen supervision and prevent arbitrage of "idle transfer" of funds Financial institutions and loan enterprises coexist and prosper, and encourage banks to make reasonable profits < br / > 7 < br / > make every effort to stabilize and expand employment Strengthen employment support for key industries and groups This year, there are 8.74 million college graduates Both colleges and local governments need to provide continuous employment services We will ensure the employment of veterans We will implement policies for migrant workers to enjoy employment services at all levels of employment Help the disabled, zero employment families and other groups in need of employment In China, there are hundreds of millions of flexible employees, including casual workers This year, the policy of voluntary deferral of social insurance premiums is implemented for low-income people, and all administrative fees related to employment are cancelled We will subsidize training to stabilize jobs Over 35 million people will be trained in vocational skills this year and next, and 2 million more will be enrolled in higher vocational colleges We will make more workers more skilled and employable < br / > 8 < br / > deepen the reform of "pipe laying service" Under the normal epidemic prevention and control, measures should be adjusted and procedures simplified to promote the full resumption of production We will promote more services to be handled in one network, so that enterprises can handle all business online We will relax the restrictions on the places where small and micro enterprises and individual businesses can register and operate, and facilitate the registration and operation of entrepreneurs of all kinds and timely enjoy the support policies We will support the financing and development of large and medium-sized enterprises < br / > 9 < br / > promote the reform of market-oriented allocation of factors We will promote small and medium-sized banks to replenish capital and improve governance to better serve small and medium-sized enterprises Reform the gem and pilot the registration system Strengthen the function of insurance guarantee Give the provincial government more autonomy in construction land Promote the flow of talents, cultivate technology and data markets, and activate the potential of various elements < br / > 10 < br / > improve the reform effect of state-owned enterprises with state-owned assets We will implement the three-year reform of state-owned enterprises We will improve the supervision system for state-owned assets and deepen the reform of the mixed ownership system We have basically completed the separation of social functions and the resolution of historical problems The state-owned enterprises should focus on the main responsibility and business, improve the market-oriented management mechanism and improve the core competitiveness < br / > 11 < br / > optimize the development environment of private economy We will ensure that private enterprises have equal access to factors of production and policy support, and clean up and abolish unreasonable provisions linked to the nature of enterprises Pay off the arrears of government agencies to private enterprises and small and medium-sized enterprises within a time limit To build a pro Qing government business relationship and promote the healthy development of non-public economy < br / > 12 < br / > promote the upgrading of manufacturing industry and the development of emerging industries We will substantially increase medium and long-term loans to the manufacturing industry Develop industrial Internet and promote intelligent manufacturing The new formats of e-commerce, online shopping and online services have played an important role in the fight against epidemic diseases We should continue to introduce support policies, comprehensively promote the "Internet plus", and create a new advantage in digital economy < br / > 13 < br / > improve the support ability of scientific and technological innovation We will steadily support basic research and applied basic research, and guide enterprises to increase R & D investment We will accelerate the construction of national laboratories, restructure the system of national key laboratories, and develop social research and development institutions Deepen international scientific and technological cooperation Strengthen the protection of intellectual property rights The key projects will be tackled by "exposing the list to the top", and whoever can do it will be allowed to do it < br / > 14 < br / > further promote mass entrepreneurship and innovation We will develop venture capital and increase secured loans We will deepen a new round of comprehensive innovation and reform experiments, build a number of new innovation and entrepreneurship demonstration bases, adhere to inclusive and prudent supervision, develop the platform economy and the sharing economy, and more stimulate social creativity < br / > 15 < br / > promote the recovery of consumption We will ensure people's livelihood by stabilizing employment, increasing incomes, and improving residents' willingness and ability to consume Support the recovery and development of catering, shopping malls, culture, tourism, housekeeping and other life service industries, and promote online and offline integration We will develop services for the elderly and the care of children Improve the pedestrian street Support e-commerce and express delivery to rural areas and expand rural consumption < br / > 16 < br / > expand effective investment This year, it is planned to arrange 3.75 trillion yuan of local government special bonds, an increase of 1.6 trillion yuan over last year, increase the proportion of special bonds available as project capital, and arrange 600 billion yuan of investment within the central budget Focus on supporting the construction of "two new and one heavy" that not only promotes consumption and benefits the people's livelihood, but also adjusts the structure to increase the aftereffect, mainly including: strengthening the construction of new infrastructure, developing a new generation of information network, expanding 5g application, building charging piles, promoting new energy vehicles, stimulating new consumption demand, and helping industrial upgrading We should strengthen the construction of new urbanization, vigorously improve the public facilities and service capacity of the county seat, so as to meet the increasing demand of farmers to find jobs and settle down in the county seat The construction of 39000 old towns and districts has started, supporting the installation of elevators and the development of various community services such as dining and cleaning Strengthen the construction of major projects such as transportation and water conservancy Increase the national railway construction capital by 100 billion yuan We will improve market-oriented investment and financing mechanisms and support the equal participation of private enterprises The best option
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