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    2020 Moscow International Water Treatment and Environmental Protection Equipment Exhibition

    • Last Update: 2022-06-14
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    ECWATECH 2020 Business Opportunity Outlook

    Holding time 2020-09-25

    The Russian water treatment market has huge potential!
    The Russian government attaches great importance to the protection and use of water resources and has formulated a strategic goal for the transition period of 5-10 years

    The Russian economy has been growing rapidly since 1999, and the current annual GDP growth rate is still above 7%

    It is
    listed as the BRIC countries alongside China, India, South Africa, and Brazil .
    The Sino-Russian trade industry has maintained double-digit growth for several consecutive years.
    According to Russian statistics, China rose to become Russia's largest trading partner in early 2009, and Chinese products are very popular in Russia

    The exhibition area of ​​ECWATECH in 2018 reached 20,308 square meters

    A total of 11,059 professional visitors came to visit, including 533 visitors from outside Russia

    All the Chinese companies (39 companies) participating in ECWATECH2017 have achieved good results

    There were more than 16,168 visitors (96% of the visitors were professionals), 823 exhibitors from 31 countries around the world participated, and two-thirds of the visitors had strong purchasing power


      Choose ECWATECH 2020:
      ◆Russia has strong purchasing power and has become an important constituent of the BRIC countries

      ◆At the same time, providing customers with mature domestic industrial fields and public utilities markets is also a uniquely attractive place in Russia

      ◆In addition, Russia, as the best gateway for water treatment in Eastern Europe, also adds added value to the participation of new companies in the industry

      ◆Moscow has high-quality pavilion facilities and services, and provides tourists with a wide range of travel options, including luxury hotels, restaurants, and weekend resorts within a few hours' drive around the city

      All kinds of fluid equipment: all kinds of pumps, valves, pipes, fans, flow meters, joints, seals, etc.
    , all kinds of pipes, pipe fittings, pipe network testing technology and equipment, water meter testing, metering, billing management technology and equipment and so on


      Water supply and drainage equipment: various water supply and drainage systems and equipment, building water supply and drainage systems and equipment, secondary water supply equipment, water-saving technology equipment,
      pressurized automatic water supply equipment, cooling tower equipment; water supply equipment and related software, etc.

      water treatment technology and equipment :Industrial water and urban water supply treatment technology and equipment, reclaimed water treatment, circulating water treatment technology and equipment, boiler feed water treatment, industrial wastewater and urban domestic sewage treatment technology and equipment, sewage purification technology, sewage treatment equipment, sewage treatment mud and tailings disposal technology and equipment, glass, steel containers

      Membrane separation technology and equipment: film membrane, the membrane material and the auxiliary equipment, from the membrane separation means and sets the related art, materials and testing device; solid-liquid separation technology and equipment, all kinds of glass and the like membrane shell

      Terminal water purification technology and equipment: household/commercial water purifiers, water purifiers, water purification materials, ultraviolet, ozone and other sterilization and disinfection equipment, reverse osmosis equipment, filtration equipment, purified water, distilled water, mineral water, high-purity water and other water production technologies , equipment and products, filling systems and equipment such as bottled water and bottled water

      Water treatment agent: flocculants and dewatering agents, corrosion inhibitor, a reverse osmosis system for pharmaceutical, water stabilizer, biocide
      ion exchange resins and activated carbon, water and fillers

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