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    2020 Pharmaceutical Opportunities - Pharmaceutical Industry Online Exhibition - Public Interest Exhibition Opens Today

    • Last Update: 2020-06-26
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    Pharmaceutical Network Exhibition Report) into the second quarter, with the orderly development of enterprises to resume production, in order to help the drug machine industry to speed up the run, pharmaceutical network is taking action!June 16 at 10:00 a.m, with the theme of "revitalizing the economy, helping the pharmaceutical industry to accelerate development" as the theme of the"
    2020 Pharmaceutical Opportunities - Pharmaceutical Industry Online Exhibition"officially openedBased on the current market, industry, exhibitors and audience's immediate needs, as well as in order to provide a better online exhibition and viewing experience, the exhibition will last until 30 days, for a period of 15 daysAt 10 a.m., the opening ceremony of the pharmaceutical network online exhibition in the form of live broadcast, to the vast number of enterprises to show the wonderful content of the online exhibition, with the opening ceremony, many enterprises also continue to open the live broadcast room, wonderful content continues to be presentedFor example, Nanjing Baio took everyone into the factory to appreciate more than 20 years of plant style; Yuhua instruments brought their legend; Shanghai Thai medicine Geyun live broadcast display concentrated machine liquid concentrate ..In addition, Haochao Machinery, Shanghai San Irrigation, Zhejiang Weiheng, Changshu Chinese Medicine Machinery Factory, Shanghai Yurun, Huazheng, Ai Guo Biological, Licheng Packaging, Shengtian Machinery, Jiangsu Wantong, Shandong Dingsheng, Binda, Feiyun Powder, Corey, Shanghai Last Peak , Haimen Yuan, Zhiyang Machinery, Shengtai Instruments, Changsha One Star, Yuanyang Pharmaceutical Machine, Shanghai Yipeng, Shuang jia Instruments, Tianshui Machinery, Chengdu Chonghefeng, Jinan Yichen, Ai Weida, Southeast Cotron, Swiss Fryma and other enterprises have also appeared2020 drug opportunities to break the offline exhibiting geographical, time, cost and other factors, for exhibitors information transmission and buyers demand docking to provide more opportunities for cooperationas of the morning of June 16, 2020 Pharmaceutical Opportunity - Pharmaceutical Industry Online Exhibition public welfare exhibition has gathered exhibitors 567, Shanghai Green, Wanlian Filter, Intaike, Fuxia Medical and other companies will also be live-streamed online, please pay attention to click online to watch: 2020 pharmaceutical opportunities - pharmaceutical industry online exhibition opening ceremony
    exhibition is broader, covering eight sub-areas
    2020 drug opportunities in the exhibition breadth and exchange efforts to further upgrade, the exhibition covers raw materials machinery, preparation machinery, drinking tablets machiner
    y, water equipment, packaging equipment, instrumentation, refrigeration machinery, general machinery and other areas of 8 sub-areas   Pharmaceutical equipment, technology cases, project sites, solutions, etc through the online live broadcast, through big data for exhibitors and buyers to provide online negotiation opportunities and procurement docking services, so that they can feel the real experience of the exhibition Cloud interview online, help the pulse industry wind June 16 at 14 o'clock, 2020 pharmaceutical opportunity - pharmaceutical industry online exhibition public welfare exhibition the first same period activities - "cloud interview" will also be officially met with you Shenzhen Corey Environmental Protection Equipment Co , Ltd operations manager Ning Mingchun, sales manager Tang Huanzhong will be a guest drug opportunity
    Cloud interview live (Click to enter the cloud interview live room) cloud interview involves "net-drui" brand influence, product design optimization and innovation, follow-up improvement direction and other aspects of content, the two managers will be from a variety of angles to interpret, for enterprises and even the industry to provide a healthy and sustainable development of new ideas Procurement, publicity, exciting activities uninterrupted nearly 15 years, the pharmaceutical network has accumulated a strong membership resources and buyers resources, can filter effective demand, multi-pronged efforts to promote exhibitors and buyers trade matching this exhibition will also multi-channel to enhance exhibitors to promote the exhibition, will work together with today's headlines, NetEase, Sohu, Tencent and other self-media,, and other portal media, together to revitalize the pharmaceutical economy voice June 17-30, there are more wonderful activities in the same period, such as you to dig , we meet online, do not disappear Details can be followed by the pharmaceutical network, pharmaceutical network mobile phone station, pharmaceutical communication APP, pharmaceutical network WeChat public number, pharmaceutical network WeChat small program and other real-time push, 24 hours anytime, anywhere to watch let innovative thinking collision out of more brilliant industry wave, we look forward to joining you in the 2020 pharmaceutical opportunity to witness the vitality of the pharmaceutical industry!
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