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    2020 Probiotic Market Prospects (foodaily)

    • Last Update: 2021-02-07
    • Source: Internet
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    according to Euromoni
    Euromonitor 's latest Market
    data and a recent
    analysis at the
    seminar in Amsterdam put the global market value of probiotics at
    billion euros, excluding
    billion euros in the fermented acid milk market.the
    32 billion euros includes probiotic supplements (but not mixed supplements), yogurt and fruit juices. Infant formula and other forms of products such as stick foods are also excluded.the market value will grow to
    billion euros by
    , the head of global health research at Euromoni

    health research said at the
    news suggests that probiotics are still attractive to consumers and therefore worthy of industry investment, despite the many challenges they face during the review period.
    ”The yogurtsurvey found that
    6% of global economic growth
    is due to probiotic yogurt
    , which has slowed in Western Europe and the United States, is still growing at twice the rate of regular yogurt.

    market value of probiotic yogurt will grow at
    an annual rate of
    2020-2020, during which time China will increase sales by
    billion euros (
    billion euros less than in the United States).especially in China, is driving the growth of probiotic yogurt sales
    Moslian's sales
    (Bright Food Group) rose by $
    660 million
    billion euros
    ”Japan, Australia, the Middle East and India also showed strong growth, while consumer markets such as Brazil, the United States, Mexico, South Korea, France, Italy, Spain, Germany and the United Kingdom showed a downward trend.
    yogurt from Danon, France
    , remains the world's largest-selling probiotic yogurt, followed by Japan's Odo yogurt far ahead of other brands such as
    , Erie, Danon Ready-to-Drink Yogurt
    , Mengniu, Wahaha and United Owned Products.Euromonitor International says probiotic researchers have ignored the increased risk of genic yogurtbecause it is a trend that is too strong to compete with, especially given the constraints of probiotic markets in some places and, "
    the introduction of probiotic yogurt has become a necessity.
    ” The report affirms the importance of health claims, noting that sales of probiotic yogurt have risen significantly in Switzerland compared to most other EU countries that still have probiotic claims. Supplements Probiotic Supplements are the fastest growing supplement category, growing by
    globally last year and doubling the average growth rate of non-probiotic supplements worldwide. Procter and Gamble's
    brand has overtaken Italy's
    Aventer) to become the world's largest probiotic supplement brand in the U.S., although both have boosted sales by combining their own brands.
    is the third-largest brand after
    Novartis' Linex
    . , the "
    the key to product visibility.
    ” There has been a general shift from yogurt to supplements in developed markets, with
    transparency, convenience and calorie control as the main drivers. challenges in this market segment include competition from

    yogurts such as Greek yogurt, revision of laws, dosage and bio-utilization.
    of dynamic strains and transport systems have become key.
    ” Market restrictions include the fact that probiotics are classified as drugs in markets in some regions, such as Asia and Latin America. probiotic supplements for children and infants are becoming increasingly popular. The Millennial Shift: No More reports that probiotic companies are adjusting their product and marketing strategies to cater to millennials, who make up about
    30 percent of the world's population
    they don't pay much attention to ostentatious consumption, the pursuit of value for money, the focus on experience, which means no more one-yard eating.
    ” Connecting with millennials and others is becoming increasingly important to connect with people through social media channels. point of interest attention to digestive health still ranks first, and immune system health ranks second, due to the relative lack of immune system health claims compared to intestinal health claims. juice is a product led by pioneers
    , based in
    , but there are also a number of small companies entering the field, including
    in the United States and
    in the Philippines. other probiotic products include hot drinks such as coffee, tea and chocolate. believes that the rising incidence of chronic diseases and the aging of the global population provide significant business opportunities for probiotic companies. Inflammation, obesity, cardiovascular disease and diabetes are getting more and more attention. these health problems have also shifted from developed to developing countries.
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