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    2021 China's plastic sheet/bar industry chain panoramic combing and regional heat map

    • Last Update: 2021-06-09
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      [ Market analysis of chemical machinery and equipment network ] Plastic plates/bars are plates or bars made of plastic as raw materials.
    They are widely used in construction, manufacturing and other industrial fields.
    They are wear-resistant, vibration-resistant, corrosion-resistant, recyclable, and strong.
    Large, anti-aging, waterproof, moisture-proof, not easy to deform, repeated use and other characteristics.

    Chemical machinery and equipment network market analysis chemical machinery and equipment
      Panoramic combing of the industrial chain
    Panoramic combing of the industrial chain
      The plastic board/bar industry is a sub-industry of the plastics industry.
    Through plastic processing machinery and molds, synthetic resin is used as raw materials to produce plastic boards/bars.
    The downstream application fields mainly include the automotive industry, construction, home appliances and Packaging etc.
      From the perspective of the layout of key enterprises in the plastic board/bar industry chain, the upstream raw materials in the industry are mainly well-known large-scale resin manufacturers, and domestic companies mainly include Sinopec and PetroChina; there are many plastic additives manufacturers with a high degree of marketization and large-scale international Well-known manufacturers include American Kejuya, German Bear, etc.
    ; the overall number of plastic processing machinery and mold companies that make plastics is relatively large.
    Among them, well-known machinery companies include Shanghai Jinwei, Shandong Tongjia, Jiangsu Bell, etc.

    Plastic additives
      The midstream companies in the industry are plastic board/bar manufacturers.
    The companies that produce general-purpose plastic boards/bars include Baoding Lida Plastics, Jiangsu Tianyi, etc.
    The major manufacturers of engineering plastic boards/bars include Zhejiang Songhua New Materials, Shandong Senrong New Materials, Shandong Superplastics, etc.


      Downstream of the industry are construction units, home appliance manufacturers, automobile manufacturers, and so on.
      Heat map of industrial chain regions
    Heat map of industrial chain regions
      According to the list of plastic board/bar companies published by the China Plastics Processing Industry Association and various regional industry associations and the public information of industry companies, the thermal map of the regional distribution of plastic board/bar representative companies is as follows.
    It can be seen that the main domestic plastic board/bar companies Distributed in Hebei, Guangdong, Shandong and other regions.
      From the perspective of the distribution of leading representative companies in the industry, my country's plastic sheet/bar industry chain-related companies in the eastern coastal areas such as Guangdong, Jiangsu and Shandong have a relatively high level of development.
    Take Guangdong Province as an example.
    Leading companies in the plastic board/bar manufacturing industry include Shenzhen Tongyi Industrial, Shenzhen Anheda Plastic Products, Shenzhen Enxinlong Special Materials, etc.
    ; plastic board/bar processing equipment manufacturing industry leaders There are Guangdong Jinming Precision Machinery, Guangzhou Yichang Technology, Shenzhen Baohong Precision Mold, Shenzhen Pengzhun Mold, Guangdong Midea Precision Mold, etc.
    The industrial chain layout is relatively complete.
      The above data and analysis sources refer to the "Market Outlook and Investment Strategic Planning Analysis Report of China's Plastic Sheet Industry" issued by the Qianzhan Industry Research Institute.
    At the same time, the Qianzhan Industry Research Institute provides industrial big data, industrial planning, industry declarations, industrial park planning, and industrial investment promotion.
    , IPO fundraising feasibility study, prospectus writing and other solutions.


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