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    23-year-old trading 40 billion pharmaceutical companies, now a surge of 450%, holding a billion pharmaceutical empire!

    • Last Update: 2020-06-25
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    Guide: Who says rich is no more than three generations?

    there is an old Chinese saying that "rich but three generations", many family businesses in the first generation set a peak, to the second generation, the third generation, began to gradually decline

    But China has such a family, not only rich over three generations, but also the fourth generation of her, the level of ability is outstanding, called China's most beautiful four generations

    is not only the youngest post-90s student of the Lakeside University founded by Jack Ma, she is also the Vice-Chairman of the Shaanxi Youth Association of Hong Kong, a member of the Shaanxi Youth Federation, and a member of the Hong Kong Youth Association and the Hong Kong Youth Federation

    2015, when she graduated from college at the age of 23, she took over the 40 billion yuan market value of the pharmaceutical company, China Biopharmaceuticals, can be described as a huge pressure

    Within six months of taking office, she had posted revenues of HK$14.55 billion and net profit of HK$1,778 million

    Today, China's biopharmaceutical market value has soared 450 percent to $180 billion

    backed by one of Asia's most influential families: the Xie family

    to understand Xie Qirun, first to understand her family background

    Should we be familiar with Zhengda Variety? This television program, the nineties popular in the streets of the country, and this program is the 1990 CCTV and Zhengda Group co-launched program, Zhengda Group is the title enterprise, Zhengda feed, Zhengda Pharmaceutical, Zhengda Tianqing and so on are its own enterprises, and Xie Qirun is the Zhengda Group Xie family's fourth generation successor

    Founded in 1921,

    Zhengda Group has become one of the world's largest Chinese multinational companies through the unity efforts of the Xie family for several generations

    Although Zhengda Group is a Thai enterprise, but its founder is a Chinese chaotongpeople, generations have been branded with a deep Chinese complex, Xie Qirun is Chinese nationality, and from the second generation of successors to the four brothers' names can also be seen: Zheng, Large, Chinese, National, the old four Xie nationals have been named by Forbes as Thailand's richest people

    from left to right: Xie Guo, Xie Zhengmin, Xie Damin, Xie Zhongmin

    boss Xie Zhengmin is Xie Qirun's grandfather, the former chairman of Zhengda Pharmaceutical Group

    Xie Wei, now chairman of Zhengda Pharmaceutical Group, is Xie Qirun's father, and his mother is the president of Zhengda Pharmaceutical Group, and the chairman of Beijing Ted Pharmaceuticals, in 2000, Xie Yan will be Zhengda Pharmaceutical Group's pharmaceutical assets into China Biopharmaceutical, and successfully landed on the Hong Kong stock market, Xie Qirun in 2015 took over the baton in the hands of his father, the chairman of the board of the Chinese biopharmaceutical company, she was only 23 years old

    not willing to do vases, with the strength of 40 billion to 180 billion

    despite the family "waist-strapped", but Xie Qirun never willing to think of herself as a "vase", she also from the uneasiness to enjoy, from an early age to study hard

    Because he was born into a businessman's family from an early age, Xie Qirun grew up very interested in business, graduated from the University of Pennsylvania in the United States

    while in school, she did not waste her spare time on entertainment and social events, as well as others, but went to some well-known companies to visit, study and invest

    These valuable experiences also laid the foundation for her later solo

    23-year-old, fresh from the University of Pennsylvania, is running a $40 billion pharmaceutical group, which is unthinkable for any 23-year-old girl

    since being pushed to the front desk, she instantly became a celebrity in the industry, because of its outstanding appearance by the outside world as "the most beautiful four generations" "the most beautiful chairman", but the performance over the past few years proved that she is not a vase successor, the company's business decisions are personal, many people with whom she has dealt with said, "look at the appearance of a neighbor sister, talk about the work is unambiguous, hard and hard."

    Since taking office in 2015, China's biopharmaceuticals have also been doing well, with revenues of $15.8 billion in 2017 and a net profit of $3.6 billion a year, while the company's market capitalisation has soared to $180 billion from $40 billion in 2015, a 4.5-fold increase

    in addition to the performance figures, the outside world gave a lot of recognition to the Chinese biopharmaceutical stake she was in charge of, and China Biopharmaceutical Co., Ltd

    won the "Largest Market By-Market" award in Asia Weekly's 2015 list of Chinese mainland companies in Hong Kong

    2017 was named in the Forbes Chinese 50 Best Listed Companies in Asia 2017

    The core enterprises of China Biopharmaceuticals are Zhengda Tianqing Pharmaceutical Group Co., Ltd

    and Beijing Ted Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd

    are ranked among the top 100 pharmaceutical industry enterprises in China

    In particular, its main day, has been the boss of the domestic liver disease medicine

    with the further improvement of China's biopharmaceutical performance, Xie Qirun has received a wider range of recognition and praise

    2018, she and Dong Mingzhu, Tao Huabi and other long-time business "predecessors" to the Forbes list of outstanding women in Chinese business, ranked 25th

    according to the "2019 Hurun Women Entrepreneurs List", Xie Qirun with 44 billion yuan in the list of 7th, is the youngest female entrepreneurs on the list

    February 2020, Xie Qirun was ranked 27th on Forbes China's List of The Most Outstanding Business Women

    has a rich family, good face, Xie Qirun could have chosen a simple life model, enjoy superior living conditions, but she is not willing to be a "vase", than others to work harder, with strength to prove that the door can also be out of "expensive son"

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