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    26 generic companies accused of price manipulation

    • Last Update: 2020-06-19
    • Source: Internet
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    (2020 / 06 / 11) can the smuggling of pangolin, whose name has been removed from the Pharmacopoeia, from Africa to China with 10-100 times of huge profits cool down? The phase II conceptual verification research is successful! ADC medicine provides a new idea for the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis; the third batch of collection prediction! How to take the road of future centralized mining in the earthquake of over 25 billion market < br / >Long term agreements have been reached between manufacturers to ensure each competitor's "fair share" in the market and to prevent "price erosion" caused by competition< br / > < br / > the U.SDepartment of justice has been conducting a price modification investigation on generic drugs in recent years< br / > according to the survey pangolin report: smuggling to extinction, scales purchased in Nigeria as low as $5-10 per kilogram can be resold in China at a price of $1000, with a profit margin of more than 100 timesOn June 9, pangolin was finally removed from the Chinese Pharmacopoeia (Volume I), the latest edition in 2020Just four days ago, pangolin was upgraded to the first level of national wildlife protection< br / > < br / > it's a step too lateOn < br / > 10th, abbvie announced the positive data of phase IIa conceptual validation study of abbv-3373 in the treatment of adult patients with moderate and severe rheumatoid arthritisThis is the first clinical data of ADC drug in rheumatoid arthritis indications< br / >< br / > on June 8, the official website of Liaoyang medical insurance bureau released the result of "joint negotiation project of medical consumables in 2020 of medical and health institutions in Yingkou City, Liaoyang City"The content shows that there are more than 1100 enterprises participating in the registration and the number of products is more than 130000, but only 11000 products are finally shortlisted, the elimination rate is close to 92%< br / >< br / > in the post epidemic period, the second batch of national mining came to the ground one after another, and relevant conferences on centralized mining were held one after another, and the third batch of national mining startedWhen will it start? Which products will be included? Will the rules change? What is the future development direction of centralized mining? < br / > < br / > APIs will be the focus of competition< br / > according to, recently, Gao Guoquan, a team of Chinese scientists from Sun Yat sen University School of medicine, published important research results on PNAS They analyzed the treatment data of thousands of patients with advanced colorectal cancer and found that in patients with advanced colorectal cancer carrying KRAS mutation, compared with other types of hypoglycemic drugs, the total survival time of patients taking metformin was 37.8 months longer, and the median progression free survival time was 8.1 months longer < br / > < br / > according to the classification standard of Shenwan industry, the pharmaceutical and biological industry can be divided into six parts: chemical pharmacy, biological products, medical devices, medical services, traditional Chinese medicine and Pharmaceutical Commerce (pharmaceutical circulation) Among them, chemical pharmacy is divided into two kinds: preparation and API < br / >
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