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    3 hazardous chemical accidents in 10 days have outstanding common problems

    • Last Update: 2021-07-13
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    Global Coatings Network News:

    On November 3, a propane deflagration accident occurred at Xinhong Thermal Insulation Material Co.
    , Ltd.
    in Lankao County, Henan, resulting in 8 deaths and 1 injury; on November 7,
    exhaust gas from the gas plant of Jinwantai
    Fertilizer Co.
    , Ltd.
    Xinle City, Hebei Province burned The furnace exploded, causing 6 deaths, 2 serious injuries, and 5 minor injuries; on November 12, Jinan HSBC Carbon Co.
    , Ltd.
    , located in Pingyin County, Shandong Province, exploded while organizing maintenance of the heat transfer furnace for the asphalt storage pool, killing 6 people Death, 2 people were seriously injured, and 3 people were slightly injured.


    In just 10 days, three major accidents involving hazardous chemicals occurred one after another, resulting in 20 deaths and 13 injuries.
    What are the commonalities and differences among the three accidents? How can similar accidents be prevented?

    Insufficient knowledge of combustible gases

    Insufficient knowledge of combustible gases

    After investigation and
    visits by the investigation team and relevant
    experts , on-site investigation, and video review, it was preliminarily determined that the "11·3" deflagration accident in Lankao was caused by the leakage and accumulation of propane used by the enterprise during the production process, and the deflagration was caused when the operator opened and closed the distribution box; The "11·12" explosion accident in Pingyin was caused by the formation of an explosive mixture of gas in the gas phase of the closed asphalt storage pool, which exploded violently after encountering an open flame.


    Although the nature of the industry, accident conditions, and explosive media are different in the three accidents, they have a common feature.
    The media in the three accidents, propane gas, gas purge gas, and bitumen flue gas, are all combustible gases, which are effective in relative space.
    Accumulate and cause explosion when reaching a critical point or encountering sparks.

    Liu Shuwu, a teacher at the School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering of Texas College, said that propane is heavier than air and can spread to a relatively far place at a lower level.
    When mixed with air, it will form an explosive mixture.
    If it is not removed in time, when the propane gas accumulates to a certain concentration, it will ignite and ignite when it comes into contact with the oxidant and encounters a fire source; if a large number of leaks gather, it is easy to cause a catastrophic explosion accident.

    "Propane is a highly dangerous substance.
    Special attention should be paid to production safety in industrial production and the use of propane in daily life.
    " A technician in charge of propane production in Shandong Hengyuan Petrochemical Co.
    , Ltd.
    pointed out that " According to the report of the 11.
    3" accident, this company did not install flammable gas alarms, and did not take effective monitoring and preventive measures, resulting in propane leakage and accumulation without knowing it, indicating that the company’s knowledge of this gas medium is not in place.

    Liu Junhua, associate professor of the School of Chemistry and Materials Science of Nanjing Normal University, said that the asphalt component is very complex, consisting of hundreds or even thousands of compounds.
    It is a black solid at room temperature, and more smoke volatilizes at 209°C.
    When the temperature reaches 250°C and the flue gas concentration reaches 10%, the explosion risk is greatest.
    However, because its explosion mechanism is different from general combustible gas and dust explosion, in production practice, it is often not sufficiently recognized and valued.

     Lack of responsibility leads to lack of management

     Lack of responsibility leads to lack of management

    In addition to the lack of awareness, the deeper reason behind the accident is the lack of responsibility and management.

    "The more places outside the main process, the easier it is to have trouble, and the weaker management is also the danger.
    " Ma Dexun, a senior gas producer in a chemical fertilizer company in Shandong, said that there are more outgassing in traditional fixed bed gas production and synthetic ammonia production.
    Many companies introduce it to exhaust gas boilers as fuel, but few people pay attention to this system.
    In addition, the exhaust gas treatment design of some enterprises is to mix all the exhaust gas together for centralized treatment.
    Once the combustion conditions are reached, it is easy to cause accidents.

    “Jin Wantai’s lack of safety training for employees, and training for more than ten minutes after taking the job.
    ” On November 9th, Hebei Provincial Emergency Management Department held a provincial
    safety production warning education conference at Jin Wantai Fertilizer Company.
    relevant person in charge of Hebei Provincial Emergency Management Department pointed out , Jinwantai Fertilizer Company unilaterally pursues efficiency and economic benefits, neglects safe production, especially does not implement the safety management regulations for the resumption of work and production of chemical enterprises, and adopts formalities and formalities for fulfilling the required procedures for resumption of work and production, which eventually leads to catastrophe.

    Safe Production

    On November 13th, Jinan City also issued a notice to suspend production for rectification of related carbon production enterprises, and investigate the production safety hazards of the same equipment and processes.
    "Safety production is the first element of an enterprise, and it is also the company's responsibility to ensure the safety of employees' lives and property.
    " The person in charge of the Jinan Work Safety Bureau emphasized that in addition to the supervision of relevant departments, the most important thing is to rely on the company for the safety of the factory.
    Internal inspections, security inspections should be done well, no matter how small potential safety hazards are, we should not let go of them, and we should pursue them to the end and hold relevant persons responsible.

    Insufficient attention to winter safety work

    Insufficient attention to winter safety work

    Near the end of the year, all kinds of enterprises have entered the peak of production, some basic chemical products are in tight supply, and prices have risen significantly.
    Some enterprises that have low investment in safety and do not update safety technology and equipment in a timely manner are prone to impulsive production or even illegal production.
    Weather factors such as low temperature, rain, snow, and freezing often lead to frequent accidents.
    Industry analysts pointed out that the accidental enterprise management foundation is weak, and the possibility of rushing to the construction period before the end of the year is not excluded.

    In the “Emergency Notice on Further Strengthening of Current Work Safety” issued by the Office of the State Council’s Security Committee on November 8th, hazardous chemical companies should implement the “winter prevention” plan and strengthen key parts such as major hazards and hot fires.
    Check and control the hidden dangers of accidents in special operation links, resolutely put an end to the end of the year and the beginning of the year, rushing to schedule, and overloading production behaviors, and strictly preventing fires, explosions, and poisoning accidents.

    Shandong has also recently held a provincial winter safety production video conference, with special emphasis on safety management in key links such as transportation, storage, production, operation, and use of hazardous chemicals, as well as improving technical protection facilities and improving safety assurance capabilities.

    "The chemical industry should focus on implementing the'six preventions' in winter.
    " Zhao Jizhang, deputy director of the Dezhou City Work Safety Bureau, pointed out that companies should focus on the characteristics of safe production in winter and keep an eye on places where they are uneasy, places where they are uneasy, and major sources of danger.
    Good anti-freeze, anti-condensation, fire-proof, anti-explosion, anti-static, anti-leakage work.
    Strictly implement operating procedures confirmation and ticket approval, strengthen job site supervision and management; strictly deal with violations and related personnel; strictly implement the parking management system, and confirm safety conditions; strengthen real-time monitoring of the entire process, and timely and properly handle abnormal situations.

    "In the final analysis, safety in production is still a problem of responsibility, technology and management.
    " Liang Xianwu, Section Chief of the Hazardous Chemical Section of the Work Safety Supervision Bureau of Dezhou Canal Economic Development Zone, suggested that chemical companies should conduct a comprehensive investigation when the winter enters to see if the system is complete and the responsibilities are clear Whether the implementation is in place, whether there is evidence for rewards and punishments, whether the certificated induction, pre-employment training are fully implemented, whether the safety protection measures for dangerous operations such as breaking fire, entering towers into tanks, climbing into pools, cargo loading and unloading are in place, equipment maintenance and failures Whether the elimination is timely and thorough, whether the employees in the post should know what to do and whether they really understand their self-protection awareness, whether the emergency plan training and drills are effective, whether the various safety online monitoring equipment and facilities are in good condition and effective operation, etc.

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