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    3 minutes to take you to know the high-density polyethylene bottle

    • Last Update: 2022-10-01
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    High-density polyethylene bottle has efficacy, safety, stability, uniformity, sealing, no pollution, does not react with the packaged drug, does not adsorb the drug, does not change the drug performance

    In addition, there should be a certain strength, heat and cold resistance, light weight, shading, easy to clean, easy to sterilize and disinfect treatment

    Different dosage forms of drugs should also have different packaging materials, different packaging forms and packaging specifications

    High-density polyethylene is non-toxic, odorless, feels like wax, has excellent low temperature performance, can be used in the environment of -70-100 °C, resistant to most acids and alkalis, good flexibility, light texture is not easy to break and other characteristics

    Pharmaceutical packaging is generally divided into solid and liquid two categories, high-density polyethylene bottles can be used as both solid drug packaging, but also as liquid drug packaging

    Some liquid drugs are easy to decompose when they see light, and will be made into brown bottles by adding masterbatch to raw materials to better protect drugs

    Solid drugs are easily deteriorated by moisture, so high-density polyethylene bottles used for solid drug packaging will add desiccant to the bottle to maintain the dryness of the environment inside the bottle and protect the stability
    of the drug.

    The packaging of the drug must be the standard for
    maintaining the uniformity, efficacy, quality, and purity of the drug during the specified shelf life.

    Therefore, all pharmaceutical manufacturers must carry out stability tests at all stages of drug preparation development, and all factors related to packaging must be comprehensively investigated

    High-density polyethylene bottle is one of the common packaging in the pharmaceutical industry, in addition to polyester bottles, polypropylene bottles and other polymer material packaging in the field of pharmaceutical packaging also has a certain range of

    The change of drug packaging materials and containers should be based on the physical and chemical properties of the drug and the nature of the selected pharmaceutical packaging materials, and stability tests should be carried out to investigate the compatibility of the selected materials and drugs

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