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    30 drugs will be included in the list of key monitoring drugs, including 5 injection strains

    • Last Update: 2020-06-16
    • Source: Internet
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    "Pharmaceutical Network Industry Dynamics" It is learned that Wuhan Pharmaceutical Co-mining Office recently issued "on the 2020 Wuhan City focus on monitoring the rational drug catalog public consultation notice." From the 2020 Wuhan Key Monitoring Rational Drug Catalog, a total of 30 drugs, including 20 for the national key monitoring drug catalog varieties, there are 10 new varieties including glutamate injection, ginseng injection, deer melon polypeptide injection, placental polypeptide injection, erythropoietin injection, aurethane glutamine, sodium riboflavin phosphate, conversion sugar, xylitox alcohol and so on.
    It is worth noting that five injection strains of gagenta injection, ginseng injection, deer melonpeptide injection, placental polypeptide injection, and safan-yellow injection were also included in the list of key monitoring drugsSome industry said that the injection varieties, especially some Chinese medicine injections will be included in the family focus on monitoring the rational drug catalog of concern, "because once included in the focus of monitoring the list of drugs, the sales of varieties will have an impact." "Focus on monitoring and rational drug use drug catalog" is an important safeguard measure to strengthen the clinical application management of auxiliary drug use in medical institutions, standardize the clinical application behavior of auxiliary drug use, improve the level of rational drug use, and safeguard the health rights and interests of the people.
    Since 2015, the state has issued a series of policies to promote the introduction of a catalogue of rational drugsOn July 1, 2019, the National Health and Health Administration and Hospital Authority issued a "notice on the issuance of a batch of state key state key monitoring of rational drug use drugs (chemical drugs and biological products)", announced the first batch of China's national key monitoring of rational drug drugs catalog, neurosinside lipids, brain nucleotides, mouse neurogrowth factors and other 20 drugs into the monitoring list.
    In this context, many positive response, for some related medical institutions and pharmaceutical enterprises undoubtedly have a greater impact, some enterprises' main product sales were affected, performance fluctuated significantly.
    For example, in the third quarter of 2019, Connbey's sales of DansanKawayu injections decreased by 8.94 percent from the same period in 18 years, and sales revenue decreased by 6.22 percent year-on-year, while Cornbey's operating income in the third quarter of 2019 was RMB1.743 billion, down 8.7 percent from the second quarter of the previous quarter.
    Hubei Health and Health Commission in the second half of 2019 issued the first batch of key monitoring directoryOn the basis of the national edition, this catalogue adds glutamate injections, ginseng injections, deer melon peptide injections, placental polypeptide injections, and safansin injections.
    From the province to the city, the focus of monitoring work continues to advance, with the focus on monitoring drug catalog in Wuhan, it can be expected that the sales of these varieties will also be affected.
    In order to promote wuhan's key monitoring of reasonable drug bargaining, to ensure the demand for clinical drug use, to control the unreasonable growth of medical costs and the false high price of drugs, Wuhan Joint Acquisition Office also intends to include propalineglutamand and other varieties in Wuhan medical institutions focus on monitoring reasonable drug catalog, with Hubei Province, the first batch of key monitoring reasonable drug price stake catalog varieties together with the implementation of bargaining procurement.
    Industry sources say this also means that the varieties of key drug catalogs in Wuhan city in 2020 may also face bargaining in addition to limited useIn general, the health insurance catalog "cage for birds" has become the main theme of the pharmaceutical industryPharmaceutical companies only focus on the same or a few major products of the day is gone, the future only constantly adjust the rich product line or innovation transformation will be the general trend.
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