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    300+ in-depth topic storms, BioCon Expo 16 forum topics released, come and unlock!

    • Last Update: 2022-04-29
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    Eight years of ingenuity have been precipitated, and the BioCon brand annual meeting, which has been accompanying the development and growth of Chinese biopharmaceutical enterprises, will be upgraded from May 31st to June 2nd, 2022.
    Hangzhou International Expo Center will create 10+ sub-forums, opening ceremonies, awards banquets and other activities with the theme of "Show Hard Technology • Upgrade Soft Power and Foresee the New World of Biopharmaceuticals"

    At that time, 8000+ professional audience buyers and 250+ leading suppliers in the industry will all appear, and the exhibition area will also hit a new high, which is expected to exceed 10,000 square meters


    * BioCon Expo 2022 audience pre-registration system has been fully opened, register now to enjoy early bird discount!

    Forum structure and content highlights

    The development of biotechnology represented by biomedicine is the key development trend and direction of various countries in the future, as well as the research direction of the international pharmaceutical industry
    Under the interactive influence of the two major factors of the epidemic and policies, the domestic pharmaceutical industry as a whole showed a trend of first decline and then growth, and the global biopharmaceutical industry was unprecedentedly hot


    ▪ Behind China's deepening of medical reform, a series of earthquakes, such as centralized drug procurement, renewal of medical insurance catalogues, and drug price reductions, have begun a round of elimination of pharmaceutical companies
    How should Chinese biopharmaceutical companies make project approval, R&D, and production decisions and deployments to deal with the policy challenges and competitive landscape of the big waves?

    ▪ Cost has always been the core competitiveness of pharmaceutical companies.
    Reducing the cost of biopharmaceuticals in China and making medicines affordable to more people is the foundation for biopharmaceutical companies to gain a foothold in the fierce competition

    How should Chinese biopharmaceutical companies establish their own production and supply chain systems to cope with the unpredictable market environment?

    ▪ After China joins ICH, how should Chinese biopharmaceutical companies keep pace with international standards, improve quality, and carry out the "artisan spirit"?

    ▪ Various types of biological products, new forms of therapy, new R&D technology and cutting-edge technologies are surging.
    How should Chinese biopharmaceutical companies seize the historical opportunity to stand up to the tide and ride the wind and waves?

    Based on this, BioCon Expo will last for three days, from 6 thematic forums in 2021 to 15 sub-forums, covering multiple sub-categories of biological drugs horizontally (antibody protein - monoclonal antibody / double antibody / polyclonal antibody / ADC / fusion proteins, cell drugs, genetic drugs, nucleic acid drugs, new vaccines, oncolytic viruses, blood products), as well as BD cooperation, investment and financing, medical talent reserves, etc.
    , from project BD to market access, from drug discovery to clinical transformation, From regulatory analysis to declaration strategy, from CMC to production, we will conduct in-depth discussions to create a one-stop service platform for biopharmaceuticals


    Past guests

    check out the key speakers of BioCon's previous speeches

    Recruitment and initiation

    of BioCon Expo 2022 The recruitment/forum organization of the 9th International Biopharmaceutical Conference and Exhibition has been fully opened
    Based on its brand influence and good reputation in the industry, nearly 100 leading biopharmaceutical companies and park institutions have reached an intention to participate in the exhibition


    In addition, various forms of cooperation such as keynote speech, business matching, exclusive title, VIP buyer group are open.
    Welcome to consult the conference assistant: 180 1793 9885 (same as WeChat) for more details!

    For sponsorship / speech / media cooperation, please contact the organizing committee
    Tel: +86 180 1793 9885
    Email: biocon@bmapglobal.


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