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    32 kinds of Chinese medicine injections are banned at the grass root 44 kinds of Chinese medicine are restricted

    • Last Update: 2021-01-14
    • Source: Internet
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    Medicine Network December 30, the State Health Insurance Administration, the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security released the 2020 edition of the medical insurance drug catalog, it is worth noting that the medical insurance catalog on the use of Chinese medicine injections to make corresponding adjustments.
    32 kinds of Chinese medicine injections grass-roots banned new version of the catalog comments column, some of the grass-roots commonly used Chinese medicine injections put forward clear requirements, only the second-level or above medical institutions can use, and made severe, disease and other restrictions.
    compared to the 2019 edition of the Health Care Catalog, this new version of the catalog limits the use of 32 injections at the grass-roots level (injections involving tumor diseases are omitted here), and injections of dansan polyphenols and dan red injections are no longer on the list.
    In order to facilitate your understanding, the Primary Physicians Commune will be the 2020 version of the health insurance catalog of restricted Chinese medicine injections and Chinese medicines organized as follows: Table Source: Primary Physicians Commune 44 common Chinese medicines are restricted use is worth noting, there are 44 common Chinese medicines (involving organ transplantation, tumor diseases) Such as Chinese medicine omitted here) restricted disease species or population, as shown in the table below: Table source: primary physician commune-based primary-level prescription of Chinese medicine injections need to be carefully based on the latest national drug adverse reaction monitoring annual report shows that in 2019, the proportion of adverse reactions/events of Chinese medicine is 62.8%.
    of all injections in the United States, Chinese medicine accounted for 9.1 per cent of injections.
    the top 3 adverse reactions/events reported by Chinese medicine injections in 2019 were healing agents, tonics and prescription agents.
    Although the proportion of adverse reactions and events in Chinese medicine injections is not high compared to chemical injections, combined with the common diagnosis and treatment accidents at the grass-roots level, it is easy for doctors and patients to ignore the Chinese medicine injections that seem to be safe.
    lack of professional and popular science knowledge leads to the unreasonable use of Chinese medicine injection at the grass-roots level, coupled with the chinese traditional medicine injection itself there is a certain risk problem, has become an important reason for the frequent infusion accidents at the grass-roots level.
    this year's adjustment of the medical insurance catalogue, still adhere to strict control and restriction of Chinese medicine injections, re-emphasizing that primary medical institutions can not use the relevant Chinese medicine injections.
    Here, the grass-roots physician's commune reminds everyone to pay more attention to the development of medical policy, establish a correct concept of drug use, can be used rationally, can not be used resolutely do not use, always be vigilant, to prevent accidents from happening!
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