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    39987 artificial crystal winning results Dr. Len, Ercon...

    • Last Update: 2020-10-11
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    Pharmaceutical Network September 28th, Shaanxi Province Public Resources Trading Center issued "on the inter-provincial alliance of public medical institutions artificial crystal cross-regional joint belt procurement in Shaanxi Province, the results of the election", announced the results of 39,987 artificial crystals.
    According to Saibai Blue equipment combing, the winning results involving Dr. Lun, Erkang, Ai Bonod, Wuxi Leiming Vision Kang, Shanghai Pharmaceutical Holdings, Shenzhen New Industry Ophthalmology, Zhuhai Xiangle and other equipment enterprises.
    It is worth noting that the two major brands, Aaron and Lenstec, were selected, the total procurement volume reached 11,046 pieces, accounting for 27.6% of the total purchase volume, is the largest winning volume of artificial crystal enterprises.
    shenzhen new industry ophthalmology new technology Co. , Ltd. is a subsidiary of Bohai Shengke Holdings, is the exclusive distributor of Lenstec.
    , Zhuhai Xiangle Medical Devices Co., Ltd. is Aaron's exclusive distributor.
    For the winning bid price, on August 25th, according to the CCTV news, a total of 56 products selected by the Shaanxi 10 provincial alliance collection (50 imported products, 6 domestic products), compared with the original purchase price of the inter-provincial alliance provinces (regions, corps), the average purchase price fell by 44%, the highest drop of 85%.
    Haisheng said that from a price point of view, on the one hand, the company is developing more efficient production processes, improve the scale of artificial crystal production, optimize the process, reduce production costs, on the other hand, the company is also strengthening high-end artificial crystal product research and development investment, improve the market competitiveness and added value of products.
    For domestic high-value consumables production enterprises, with volume procurement is a policy opportunity, on the one hand, to give domestic brands and imported brands to compete with the opportunity, on the other hand, also help the winning enterprise product market size.
    Further, from a quantity point of view, this year' Tianjin-led Beijing-Tianjin-Tianjin-Tianjin alliance, led by Shaanxi Province, the inter-provincial alliance volume procurement, the company has six models of the winning bid.
    According to the annual report, on August 12th and October 15th, 2019, The artificial crystal products related to Yanhai Shengke entered the catalogue or list of relevant products in Anhui and Jiangsu provinces respectively, with a total purchase volume of 3569 pieces and a winning bid price of 720 yuan-8688 yuan/piece.
    But in its annual report, the company also said that revenue growth from artificial crystals slowed to 430 million yuan in 2019, up 0.56% year-on-year.
    It is understood that artificial crystals are mainly used for cataract surgery, in 2019 the domestic cataract surgery terminal market experienced a phased regulatory consolidation, some medical institutions cataract screening activities reduced or suspended, so the growth rate of artificial crystal operating income slowed down.
    Imports account for 95% of the market, some domestic machinery enterprises vicious circle according to firestone to create information, artificial crystal field, local enterprises occupy the majority of China's low-end hard artificial crystal market, but European and American enterprises basically monopolize China's soft artificial crystal market in various sub-areas.
    Among them, three-focus artificial crystals, three-focus anti-astrology (Toric) artificial crystals and single-focus depth-of-field extension (EDOF) artificial crystals are three areas with relatively high market barriers, which are mainly monopolized by ZEISS and Johnson and Johnson Ophthalmology in China.
    According to Ercon's reports and estimates, Ercon's market share in the global artificial crystalline market in 2017 was 31%, Johnson and Johnson's 22%, Dr. Lun's 6%, ZEISS's 4%, and the four companies together accounted for 63% of the global market share.
    information consulting release report shows that in the domestic soft crystal market, imported brands accounted for more than 95% of the market share.
    domestic machinery enterprises mainly include Bohai Shengke, Ebonod, Wuxi Leiming Vision Kang and other armed enterprises.
    according to Market Scope's 2018 statistics, the annual sales of artificial crystallines in Bohai Biopics are already the eighth largest in the world at factory prices.
    Based on the number of sales of artificial crystals and the number of cases of cataract surgery in China, Bohai Shengke's current share of the Chinese industrial crystal market has reached about 30%, the first sales volume for Chinese enterprises.
    On July 29th, Ebernod logged on to the board, and prospecto data show that the market share of Ebernod's artificial crystal products sales has increased from about 3% in 2016 to about 10% in 2019, and the market share of sales amount calibre has increased from about 2% in 2016 to about 7% in 2019.
    For the current situation of imported products occupying the main market, Bohai Health Department on the Analysis of Cypress Blue equipment, in the past, domestic manufacturers compared with foreign enterprises, regardless of research and development technology, capacity scale, brand marketing and other aspects of the relative import brand has a certain gap.
    , domestic manufacturers have low investment in research and development, and there is a relative lack of synergy between industry, science and research.
    Declare a new high-end three types of medical device products need 5 years or more, small enterprises in innovation and research and development simply can not afford, helpless in the "technological backwardness - low-cost products - can not earn money - no ability to follow-up investment - wandering in the low end" vicious circle.
    addition, the position of import enterprises is strong, a diverse product portfolio almost comprehensive coverage of the high, mid-market, domestic brands under full pressure.
    However, with the continuous efforts of domestic artificial crystal manufacturers in independent research and development, promotion and other aspects, the rapid rise of domestic artificial crystal brand, domestic product quality and brand competitiveness continue to improve, greatly narrowing the gap with imported brands.
    Haisheng Further said that in 2019 its subsidiary Henan Cosmos research and development production of hydro-water-related folding artificial crystal products have completed registration changes, is the first domestic hydro-hydrophobic asetic folding artificial crystal products, to achieve a breakthrough in the field of domestic brand zero.
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