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    4 biopharmaceutical companies with $42.72 billion in research and development in 2019

    • Last Update: 2020-06-17
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    Pharmaceutical Network Industry Dynamic" Biomedicine, as a new industry, has a good development prospects and vigorous vitalityFrom the rapid increase in the number of biotechnology drugs, we can see that the industrialization of pharmaceutical biotechnology in the world in the 21st century is gradually entering the investment harvest period, and the global biopharmaceutical industry is growing rapidlySince the 1990s, global sales of biopharmaceuticals have grown at an average annual rate of more than 30%, much higher than the global pharmaceutical industry's average annual growth rate of less than 10%The biopharmaceutical industry is developing rapidly from high-tech industry with development potential to high-tech pillar industryin fact, the current achievements of the biopharmaceutical industry can not be separated from the innovation of major pharmaceutical companies, as well as a large amount of research and development investmentRecently, FierceBiotech released a list of the top 10 pharmaceutical companies that will invest more in research and development in 2019The top 10 biopharmaceutical companies with more investment in research and development have invested a total of $82 billion in the development of innovative drugs, diagnostic methods and vaccines, an increase of $4 billion over 2018It is worth noting that the top four pharmaceutical companies have invested more than $9 billion in research and developmentRoche's research and development investment of $12.06 billion
    Roche has been one of the largest pharmaceutical companies with a large randalization investmentThe company topped the list of research and development investments this year, up 6% from last yearOncology has long been a top area of Roche's research and development investment, and in recent years it has focused on expanding the scope of the company's heavy PD-L1 inhibitor Tecentriq, while also working on the development of a new generation of immunocheckpoint inhibitorsAccording to the January annual report, Tecentriq received further indications of tri-yin breast cancer in March 2019, which is faster in all PD-1/PD-L1s , Roche has two new tumor approvals in 2019, including the antibody conjugate drug Polivy (polatuzumab vedotin-piiq), the treatment of NTRK gene fusion-positive late-recurrence solid tumors, and the "broad spectrum" anticancer drug Rozlytrek (Empli) that carries the ROS1 gene mutation Johnson and Johnson's research and development investment: US$11.36 billion
    Johnson and Johnson's research and development investment in 2019 increased by 5.3% compared to 2018 In 2019, the company developed Spravato as a new treatment option for patients with resistance depression for decades in November 2019, Johnson and Johnson also announced a $500 million investment in research and development in the field of AIDS and tuberculosis worldwide In addition, in vaccine development, Johnson and Johnson is starting a new clinical trial of HIV vaccines in several regions to provide more drug options, explore more innovative science and technology, and reduce the suffering of patients caused by the disease Mercadong Research and Development Investment: US$9.9 billion
    Mercadong is one of the pharmaceutical companies with a higher share of sales In recent years, in order to drive performance growth, Mercado on the one hand through the development of cooperation to strengthen their pipeline thickness and leading position in the field of tumor immunotherapy, on the other hand, for any potential opponents that may threaten the status of K drug, Mercado has made targeted layout, such as 201 In June 1990,773 million acquisition of Tilos Therapeutics was acquired from the latter to regulate TGF beta in the research antibody products in response to Merck/GSK's PD-L1-TGF beta dual-function fusion protein M7824 , it is also dealing with a large number of external transactions to address the pipeline's shortfall, and in 2019 has been a number of mergers and acquisitions In May, for example, it acquired Peloton Therapeutics for a total of $2.2 billion, acquiring the latter's HIF-2 alpha inhibitor PT2977 It acquired Calporta in November for $576 million for its preclinical TRPML1 agonisant The acquisition of Arqule in December for $2.7 billion was awarded to its non-co-price BTK inhibitor ARQ 531 In January 2020, a $2.5 billion agreement was concluded with Taiho Pharmaceuticals and others for the development and licensing agreement of small molecule inhibitors at multiple targets, including KRAS inhibitors Novartis Research and Development Investment: $9.4 billion
    Novartis in 2019 in the innovation pipeline portfolio momentum is strong, Sanders business (generic and biosimilar stakes business) to develop stable, but also purchased a number of potential products: April, Alcon eye care business split completed, eye drops-related products into Novartis innovative drug eye medicine business; Cukchi U-Singa-resistant (commodity name: Ksito) is off to a good start in China; in November, Sanders announced a $441 million AGI's Japan operations (with anaesthetic and specialty brands); in the same month, the heart-decay heavyweight product Shakuba Qushatan sodium (commodity name: Nohintou) was included in China's 2019 health insurance catalog; and in December, $9.7 billion was purchased from a PCSK9niranin currently, Novartis's product development pipeline consists of 164 products, of which 114 are in clinical I/II phase, 37 are in Clinical Phase III and 13 are on the market Novartis approved a larger number of innovative drugs last year, at 10 Of these, the FDA approved six and NMPA approved four Roche and Johnson and Johnson, which have invested more in research and development, approved two and six of their innovative drugs last year  
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