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    4 tricks in addition to decoration paint taste

    • Last Update: 2021-01-21
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    News: Many new house decoration has a strong
    taste, and for a long time, directly affect people's daily life, this issue of small editors teach you a few tricks to remove the smell of paint, you may wish to try.
    can fill the water with water basins or small buckets, add the right amount of vinegar, place in a ventilated room, and open the furniture door. This not only evaporates water in moderation, protects the top of the
    surface, but also absorbs residual odors.
    Recorded room is best not to stay immediately, to try to ventilate, but can not open all doors and windows ventilation, because this may be the completion of the construction of the wall top paint bring disadvantage, so that the roof of the wall quickly dry, cracks, affect the aesthetic. It is best to open a window that does not directly dry the top of the wall for ventilation.
    you don't know, tropical fruits also have a deodorization effect, and the effect is very good. You can buy some pineapple honey in the new house, because the pineapple honey individual large, very strong fragrance, a few days can absorb the odor. To quickly remove residual paint flavours, you can also soak cotton balls with citric acid and hang them indoors as well as in wood furniture.
    can also go to the market to pick some high-tech flavor cleaner, it can remove the newly renovated new house, new furniture and other harmful gases emitted. It is understood that these flavor cleaners are generally imported products, the use of ammonia compounds and harmful substances chemical reactions, thus playing the role of flavor cleaning. In the newly renovated room, this odor cleaner can be poured into the plate, the plate is placed in each room, combined with scrub odor method, after a few days can effectively remove the unpleasant smell.
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