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    448 million dollars!

    • Last Update: 2021-11-16
    • Source: Internet
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    Recently, Lundbeck announced that it has reached a final agreement with AprilBio of South Korea
    According to the agreement, Lingbei obtained the global exclusive rights to the research, development and commercialization of the latter's neuroimmune disease candidate drug APB-A1, which is a new and well-differentiated anti-CD40 ligand (CD40L) Antibody-like drug candidates are expected to undergo phase 1 clinical trials around the beginning of 2022


    According to the terms of the license agreement, Lundbeck will pay AprilBio a one-time payment of US$16 million in cash
    In addition, Lundbeck will also pay up to 432 million US dollars in successful development, supervision and sales milestones related to AprilBio and APB-A1

    Lundbeck will also pay AprilBio tiered royalties, the highest tier reaching the low double-digit percentage of net sales


    The press release shows that too many people around the world suffer from brain diseases-complex diseases are often invisible to others, but they have brought huge losses to individuals, families and society
    Lingbei is committed to fighting against brain diseases, and advocates that the society accepts patients with brain diseases more widely

    Every day, we are striving for improved treatment and a better life for patients with brain diseases


    APB-A1 is a neutralizing anti-CD40L antibody-like drug candidate with an innovative molecular design that blocks the CD40L/CD40 costimulatory interaction
    The activation of the CD40L/CD40 signaling cascade is critical to the initiation of cellular and humoral immune responses

    It is an established and clinically proven immune pathway that can trigger the activation and differentiation of B cells, T cells and several other immune cells (such as monocytes, macrophages, dendritic cells, natural killer cells) And proliferation to mediate the immune response

    Therefore, regulating the CD40L/CD40 interaction brings great hope for the treatment of various autoimmune-related central nervous system (CNS) diseases and other neurological diseases


    APB-A1 is a human high-affinity anti-CD40L antibody-like fusion protein designed to inhibit the CD40L/CD40 pathway by neutralizing and activating CD40L on T cells, thereby significantly weakening the initiated immune response
    In preclinical studies, APB-A1 has been confirmed to bind to CD40L, resulting in a reduction in antibody response and circulating inflammation markers

    A different aspect of the design of APB-A1 is its ability to use human serum albumin to extend the half-life, which translates into superior clinical features


    (The original text has been deleted)

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