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    464 medical device companies have been disqualified for distribution

    • Last Update: 2021-07-15
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    Medical Network News, March 19,
    "Two Invoice System" for consumables.
    The threshold for the selection of distributors has repeatedly raised.

    On March 15, the Bayannaoer Medical Security Bureau of Inner Mongolia issued the "Notice on the Selection of Sunshine Procurement and Distribution Enterprises for Pharmaceuticals and Medical Consumables .
    " It is understood that Bayannaoer City will start the selection of drug and medical consumables distribution companies, and notify the distribution companies participating in the election to have a certain distribution scale and ability .
    In addition to the transportation and logistics capabilities for timely and adequate delivery of products, the storage conditions for drugs and in vitro diagnostic reagents also require certain emergency protection capabilities .
    At the same time, distributors are also required to undertake distribution to basic-level medical and health institutions when applying for distribution to secondary public hospitals , and have the ability to integrate county and rural distribution .
    Obviously, most small and medium-sized distribution companies do not have the integrated distribution capabilities of the county and village, so a large number of small distributors will be directly blocked from the threshold .
    In areas like this, where distributors have been greatly reduced from the source, in addition to Bayannaoer City, Hulunbuir City in the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region .
    At the end of November last year, when the Hulunbuir Medical Insurance Bureau cancelled the qualifications of 827 distributors at one time, it also issued a selection plan for drug and consumable distribution companies.
    The plan proposed that distributors should be scored, and only companies with a score of 60 or more can Obtain the distribution qualification, and the registered capital is more than 10 million yuan, the sales are more than 100 million yuan, and the storage area is more than 1,000m² .
    Undoubtedly, the ever-increasing selection criteria for distributors has allowed a few large-scale pharmaceutical and medical consumables distributors to win overwhelmingly in the fight for distribution rights, while most SMEs are miserable!
    464 Jia distributors a one-time distribution is canceled qualifications

    And this time, in order to give up the market for a new round of distributor selection, Bayannaoer City also cancelled the qualifications of 464 distributors of medicines and medical consumables at one time
    On March 15, the Bayannaoer Medical Security Bureau of Inner Mongolia also issued the "Notice on the Cancellation of Online Distribution Qualifications for Certain Drug and Medical Consumables Distribution Enterprises
    " For the 14 drug distribution companies and 464 consumables distribution companies that did not carry out the procurement and distribution business in 2020 and did not submit the assessment report in the annual assessment, the online distribution qualifications will be cancelled

      Giants dominate the market for SMEs to accelerate out
    not difficult to find, whether from drugs over the country, medical supplies distribution business of the selection criteria , or from the direction of the national policy point of view, the "two-vote system" or even "one vote" system to reduce the circulation, It is inevitable to raise the barriers of industry entry and promote openness and transparency of purchase and sales behavior
    At the same time, with the diversification of the procurement form of consumables and the management model of public hospitals, the concentration of circulation companies will be greatly increased, and the sales model and business ecology will also change accordingly
    Different from the previous multi-level distribution and distribution model, many large hospitals nowadays, in order to reduce costs and increase efficiency, use the SPD model of medical consumables.
    All consumables of a hospital are distributed by 1-3 companies, and even one company wins one city.
    The distribution rights of more than a dozen hospitals are nothing new
    More importantly, the number of distributors under the SPD model has been greatly reduced
    The hospital only needs to select a distribution company with high strength that can help the hospital realize the supply chain management and information maintenance inside and outside the hospital
    Judging from the current bidding results of "Medical Consumables SPD Service Providers" in major hospitals, almost all large-scale distribution companies have won the bids
    In this process, it is bound to filter out a large number of small enterprises lacking core competitiveness and accelerate the industry reshuffle!
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