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    50 billion sugar-lowering drug market new changes: Howson health care negotiations, national "win-win", East Sunshine drug 9 new products

    • Last Update: 2021-01-19
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    Highlights Just past December 2020, referring to major events in the pharmaceutical industry, we had to mention the health care negotiations and the fourth batch of national collection.
    The results of the 2020 health insurance catalogue negotiations were released on December 28th, 119 successful drug negotiations, the largest number in years, the average price reduction of 50.64 percent, the decline tends to moderate; A new wave of drug price cuts will set off again.
    data show that there are more than 100 million people with diabetes in China, the number of cases in the world, the number of diabetics in China is expected to rise to 134 million by 2045, still the largest in the world.
    Health insurance negotiations to help improve the affordability of innovative drugs, while the national collection to help improve the quality of clinical drug use level, under this combination of fists, China's public medical institutions terminal 50 billion sugar-lowering drugs market surge, the pattern has changed ... 12 products successful negotiations, 3 new domestic drugs are expected to be released Table 1: Health insurance negotiations successful sugar-lowering drugs Note: For the 2020 negotiating varieties implementation date: March 1, 2021-December 31, 2022 Since the start of health insurance negotiations, a total of 12 sugar-lowering drugs (including insulin and non-insulin-based sugar-lowering drugs) smoothly entered the national health insurance catalog, of which 3 domestic new drugs have attracted much attention.
    Figure 1: Sales trends of polyglycol locena peptide injections Source: Minet China's public medical institutions terminal competition pattern Howson's class 1 new drug polyglycol locena peptide injection was approved for market in May 2019, this new drug is China's first domestic long-acting GLP-1 subject agitant, used to improve blood sugar control in adults with type 2 diabetes.
    meters of intranet data show that in China's urban public hospitals, county-level public hospitals, urban community centers and township hospitals (China's public medical institutions) terminal, polyglycol locena peptide injections in 2020Q2 has an explosive growth trend, the full-year sales are expected to be significantly higher than 2019 1.35 million yuan.
    figure 2: Sales trends of Benaglutide injections Source: Minernet China's public medical institutions terminal competition pattern Shanghai Ren association biopharmaceutical class 1 new drug Benaglutide injection was approved for market at the end of 2016, is the world's first amino acid sequence and human source of exactly the same GLP-1 drugs, mainly used for the treatment of type 2 diabetes.
    meters of intranet data show that in China's public medical institutions terminal, Benaglutide injections entered the market in 2018 ushered in a surge, sales in 2019 reached 4.84 million yuan, the first half of 2020 affected by the epidemic, the growth rate declined.
    Figure 3: Akapo sugar chewing tablets health insurance negotiations Source: Minet China Health Care Catalog Database Central And East China's Akapo sugar chewing tablets in 2015 by 5 new drugs approved for the exclusive dosage form, in 2019 after negotiations into the national health insurance catalog in China's public medical institutions terminal began to release, sales in the first half of 2020 more than 10 million.
    East China Pharmaceuticals said that this time to participate in the health care negotiations, A capo sugar chewing tablets renewed successfully, the new health insurance payment standard is 0.465 yuan (50mg/ tablet), 38% lower than the previous national health insurance payment price.
    addition to domestic new drugs are expected to usher in the release of volume, heavy varieties of domestic brands also ushered in the outbreak period.
    Ingley net film is currently on the market in addition to the original research Bronger Ingham, there are approved by the new classification of the listing of Howson and Colum, and Kaglie net film in addition to the original study xi'an Jansen, there is approved by the new classification of the listing of Howson and Zhengda Qing, these domestic brands with the help of the thrust of health insurance, will accelerate access to the hospital terminal market.
    from a corporate point of view, Howson holds a class 1 new drug, two heavy generic drugs, is expected to take a new peak in the field of sugar-lowering drugs.
    6 collection products enterprise pattern reshuffle, the fourth batch of war situation? Table 2: National collection of sugar-lowering drugs Source: Shanghai Sunshine Pharmaceutical Procurement Network, Mi-Net finishing from the second batch of national harvesting, with the figure of sugar-lowering drugs: the second batch of the winning products have acapo-sugar capsules, acapo-sugar tablets and gremetin tablets, the third batch of winning products have hydrochloric metformin tablets, hydrochloric metformin tablets and Viglitamin tablets, are clinically large amounts of non-clinical insulin drop drugs.
    When insulin will be incorporated into the national harvest is also the focus of industry discussion, in January 2020 in Wuhan special collection appeared 7 sets of insulin, a total agreed procurement volume of 1.7 million units, the industry predicted that by the end of 2021 insulin will also enter the national collection.
    the implementation time, the second batch landed around April 2020 and the third batch began in the fourth quarter of 2020. in China's public medical institution terminal Acapo sugar market pattern, the market share of the winning company Bayer remained above 50%, with Leaf Pharmaceuticals rising from 8.85 percent in 2019 to 11.65 percent in 2020H1, according to
    Meter Intranet data.
    Nation domestic "oral sugar reduction brother" in East China after the loss of the bid fell by 1.66 percentage points, however, its "appeal" in China's urban physical pharmacies has not decreased, the full-year 2020 share is expected to rise 5.44 percentage points, it can be expected that the physical pharmacy market will be a new way out of the collection of products.
    Gremethal tablets are winning the bid are domestic brands, these five pharmaceutical companies are in accordance with the consistent evaluation of supplementary applications to obtain competitive qualifications, Milnet data show that in China's public medical institutions terminal Gremeluin tablets market pattern, Yangzijiang, Xinhua Pharmaceuticals, Beilu Pharmaceuticals 2020H1 market share have positive growth, of which Yangzijiang rose 3 percentage points, while San Jitang, Conkir Pharmaceuticals slightly declined by less than 1%.
    under the strategy of "imitation alternative original research", the market share of the original research Sanofi continued to show a downward trend, with only 50.57 percent remaining in 2020H1.
    of the third batch of the winning sugar-lowering drugs, the future pattern of Viglitatin tablets is the most concerned: after the patent expires in 2019, domestic generics spring up, and in 2019 Howson won the first domestic imitation of Qilu's six types of imitations were also approved (10 in the same year) Monthly review), 2020 Ted Pharmaceuticals, Yuke Pharmaceuticals, Yangzijiang, Yuxin Pharmaceuticals, China Resources Seko, San and Pharmaceuticals 4 types of imitations were approved and treated as the same, and finally by Qilu, Howson, San and Pharmaceuticals, China Resources Seko, Yangzijiang, Yuke Pharmaceuticals successfully won the bid.
    novart 2020H1 market share of 99.76 percent, it is expected that after landing in various places, the winning enterprises will quickly enter the market, the original research has been greatly affected.
    Table 3: The fourth batch of country-picked sugar-lowering drug products Note: For the new classification as the fourth batch of enterprises involved in the fourth batch of products are non-insulin-based hypoglycemic drugs, from the current evaluation of enterprises, Howson holding the Engli net tablets, Kagre net tablets and Regrenai tablets 3 products "tickets."
    among them, the Caglie net film for Howson was approved for listing at the end of 2019, Engele net film was approved for listing in August 2020, Howson can seize the opportunity to quickly enter the market new products, it is worth waiting for the results.
    Gan Li, East China rose to the fore, Howson, Dongsian drug explosion constantly table 4: China's public medical institutions terminal diabetes drug TOP5 enterprise situation Source: Minet China's public medical institutions terminal competition pattern Minet data show that in 2019 China's public medical institutions terminal diabetes drug market, insulin and non-insulin-lowering drugs total sales of more than 50 billion yuan.
    The top4 market is dominated by multinational pharmaceutical companies, with a combined market share of nearly 50% in the first half of 2020, with No.
    Figure 4: Sales of Gan Li Pharmaceuticals' main products 2020H1 Source: Mi-Net China's public medical institutions terminal competition pattern Domestic pharmaceutical companies, the strongest strength in the field of insulin is Gan Li Pharmaceuticals.
    At the end of China's public medical institutions, the owners of Gan Li pharmaceutical products are insulin glycerin, insulin recombinant zinc recombinant insulin and insulin, sales growth of more than 20% in the first half of 2020, of which insulin insulin glyceride contributed more than 90% of the company's performance.
    Table 5: Ganli Pharmaceuticals approved for listing in 2020 New products Source: MED2.0 China Drug Review Database Mendong insulin is No. and Nord's fist products, 2020H1 for the company contributed 47.28 percent of the performance, before the domestic market only imported brand sales, the market size of the variety in 2019 reached 6.8 billion yuan.
    GanLi Pharmaceuticals won the first domestic, the current Haizheng Pharmaceuticals, Tonghua Dongbao, federal pharmaceutical listing applications are being reviewed and approved, it is expected that in 2021 domestic Mendong insulin-related products will usher in the new product approval of the golden period.
    non-insulin-lowering drug field, with the national collection round, health insurance negotiations continue to increase the code, the domestic pharmaceutical companies more and more intense competition.
    "Oral sugar reduction brother" in East China after the loss of Acapo sugar once caused market concerns, however, the company in the 2020 third-quarter report mentioned that Akapo sugar tablets due to the national collection of non-standard and market price adjustment factors caused the product sales revenue decreased year-on-year, but through the out-of-hospital market development achieved significant results, the company is also continuing to increase market coverage, expected to 2020 full-year sales or not lower than the full-year level of 2019.
    December 2020, Sigletin metformin tablets (I.) in east China were approved for sale, further enriching the company's diabetes product pipeline and enhancing the company's market competitiveness in the field of diabetes drugs.
    table 6: In recent years, Howson, Dongsian drug approved for listing of non-insulin-based sugar-lowering drugs Source: Minet MED2.0 China Drug Review Database In the last two years, Haussen, Dongsian drug in the field of non-insulin-based sugar-lowering drugs harvest full.
    Hausen 1 new drug negotiations successfully entered the 2020 health care directory, Viglitin tablets in the third batch of national harvest, Engele net tablets, Kagley net tablets are expected to participate in the fourth batch of national harvest, in China's public medical institutions terminal Haussen small-class pattern, the proportion of non-insulin-lowering drugs rose from about 7% in 2018 to about 2020 9% of H1; 9 new non-insulin-lowering drugs approved by Dongshuangda in 2020, of which Liglitatin, Liglitatin metformin, Sigletin metformin for the domestic first imitation, in addition, recombinant human insulin injections have also been approved for the market, in the industry's prestigious "flu brother" is about to gorgeous transformation.
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