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    50 major retail varieties are included in price monitoring!

    • Last Update: 2022-04-16
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    The best-selling varieties at the retail end are listed

    After reviewing the monitoring information table released this time, it was found that 12 of them were varieties of multinational pharmaceutical companies
    AstraZeneca's metoprolol tartrate tablets, Bayer's nifedipine controlled-release tablets, acarbose tablets, aspirin enteric-coated tablets, Xi'an Janssen's miconazole nitrate cream, domperidone tablets, Pfizer's atorvastatin Calcium tablets, losartan potassium tablets and montelukast sodium tablets from Merck, paroxetine hydrochloride tablets from Tianjin SmithKline, glimepiride tablets from Sanofi, and Maizhiling tablets from Lida from Germany are all being monitored.
    within the range


    It is worth noting that there are many drugs that are at the forefront of the best-selling list at the retail end


    In 2020, the total sales of acarbose tablets in Chinese public medical institutions and Chinese urban physical pharmacy terminals will exceed 5 billion yuan, and it is the best-selling oral hypoglycemic drug in China


    In terms of proprietary Chinese medicines, Mayinglong Musk Hemorrhoids Ointment is the champion product of proprietary Chinese medicine hemorrhoids in urban retail pharmacies in China, with sales of nearly 280 million yuan in 2016

    Ganmaoling Granules have been ranked first in the best-selling list of Chinese patent medicines for colds for many consecutive years
    China Resources Sanjiu’s Ganmaoling Granules exceeded 2 billion yuan for the first time in 2019, becoming the first and only Chinese patent medicine brand for colds with annual sales exceeding 2 billion yuan, and sales in 2021 will be close to 2.
    3 billion yuan


    Medical insurance strengthens control over retail drug prices

    In fact, relevant departments have already taken action on drug price monitoring


      In September 2021, the "14th Five-Year Plan for National Medical Security" issued by the General Office of the State Council also proposed to strengthen the normalized supervision of the prices of drugs and medical consumables, and to implement a national medical price monitoring project


      Specific to medical insurance pharmacies, the local level has also implemented top-level requirements and strengthened the monitoring and management of drug prices


      This time, the Shaanxi Provincial Medical Insurance Bureau also proposed to gradually monitor the price information of retail pharmacies, use the price monitoring information to guide the market, and regulate the market order

      On October 18 last year, Shanghai Sunshine Pharmaceutical Purchasing Network issued the "Notice on Announcement of the Operational Measures for the Management of Drug Prices in Designated Pharmacies in this City", pointing out that designated pharmacies must sell drugs in the medical insurance catalogue through the "Shanghai Pharmaceutical Procurement Service and Supervision Information System" ( Hereinafter referred to as “Sunshine Platform”) upload retail price information, and request the designated pharmacies to upload the retail price and fill in the effective date of the price according to the information pushed by the Sunshine Platform and the “red and yellow reminder line”, in combination with the relevant stipulations in the medical insurance service agreement of the designated pharmacy
    It is worth noting that the pharmacy has established a price “red and yellow line” monitoring and early warning mechanism in combination with the relevant stipulations in the medical insurance service agreement of the designated pharmacy, and with reference to the information on the purchase of the same product with the same product or the same generic name by the designated medical institution.
    "Red and yellow prompt line" information, pushed by the Sunshine platform


      In this regard, industry insiders said that the policy is gradually tightening.
    For designated pharmacies with medical insurance drug sales accounting for about 50%, the price "red and yellow lines" are in line with the hospital, which further restricts the drug pricing power of designated pharmacies.
    The price may be further reduced, and it will be strictly controlled by the regulatory authorities, which will have a big impact on the gross profit of pharmacies

      As China's pharmaceutical prices gradually move towards a "game of chess" situation, retail pharmacies are bound to be unable to survive alone
    Under the background of the medical insurance bureau as a major payer, it is impossible for out-of-hospital retail channels to return to the era of "high-margin" and "high-priced drugs".
    Low gross profit tests cost control, and out-of-hospital prescriptions call for quality services.
    Under the high pressure of regulation and supervision, the industry reshuffle of retail chain pharmacies is coming quietly

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