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    5500 down to 123, four provinces of consumables with the volume of procurement.

    • Last Update: 2020-10-17
    • Source: Internet
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    Pharmaceutical Network October 14th, the maximum price reduction of supplies 97.76 percent, began to implement October 12, Chongqing Municipal Health Insurance Bureau issued the "Chongqing Municipal Health and Health Bureau Chongqing Municipal Drug Administration on the four provinces and cities of medical supplies joint belt procurement and use of the notice" (hereinafter referred to as the "Notice"), and announced the results of the procurement of the volume.
    "Notice" shows that the selected price of matching devices and supplements will be executed in medical institutions on October 20, 2020, and film will be executed in medical institutions on November 20, 2020.
    health insurance departments at all levels to strengthen the procurement, use, quality, supply, repayment and other monitoring and supervision of selected varieties.
    understood that on August 13, Chongqing, Guizhou, Yunnan, Henan provinces and cities to carry out medical supplies centralized belt procurement.
    , patch, film 3 categories of medical supplies a total of 34 product groups, all bid successfully, the average decline of 64.77 percent, the highest decline of 97.76 percent.
    , 18 groups of matchers and 31 products were identified as the selected products, with an average decrease of 73.13 per cent and a maximum decrease of 97.76 per cent; Products, the average decline of 79.64 percent, the highest decline of 96.11 percent, film 5 sub-groups, 13 products identified as the selected products, the average decline of 48.97 percent, the highest decline of 61.48 percent.
    Cypress blue equipment has been exclusively informed that in this volume of procurement, a well-known domestic matcher manufacturers' products, from the lowest price of 5500 yuan in the provinces to 123 yuan, another product from 4000 yuan to about 100 yuan.
    the relevant person in charge of an arms company involved in this volume purchase told Cypress Blue that the price may have been lower than the cost price - the production cost of such a matching device is between 250 yuan and 300 yuan.
    , another company involved in the purchase of the amount of the matching device related to the person in charge also said that the cost of the matching device is difficult to be less than 200 yuan.
    Within 30 days must be returned according to the results of the election, the one-time use of tube-type matching device and accessories selected enterprises include Chongqing Meikovi, Wuxi Bokang, Jiangsu Bronsons, Tianjin Ritchie Surgery and other equipment enterprises; Enterprises; Groin xenon supplement selected enterprises include Johnson and Johnson, Cook, Beijing Pyrt, Beijing Tianyu Changyun and other machinery enterprises; thermal film printing system selection enterprises include Yunnan Yusen Edge, Shenzhen, Chongqing new equations and other enterprises; laser film printing system selection enterprises including Shanghai Ele image, Xiamen Fuji Le and other enterprises.
    it is worth noting that for the selected products, this consumables belt purchase will be in 10 working days to advance 50% of the purchase amount, within 30 days to complete the return.
    According to the Notice, in accordance with the practice of centralized procurement and use of medicines organized by the State, the medical insurance fund shall, on the basis of the total budget, allocate the advance payment of medical insurance to medical institutions by the medical insurance departments at all levels as a turnaround for the payment of medical supplies to enterprises.
    Health insurance departments at all levels shall advance 50% of the purchase amount of the selected varieties to the agreed medical institution within 10 working days after the signing of the usage agreement, and 50% of the remaining amount to the agreement medical institution at the end of the sixth month of the procurement period.
    at the same time strictly stipulate the repayment time limit, requiring medical institutions and enterprises to settle the purchase price, from medical supplies delivery acceptance to payment time should not exceed 30 days, reduce the transaction costs of the selected enterprises.
    strengthen the monitoring and supervision of the time limit for the repayment of funds by medical institutions, and strictly investigate the problem of medical institutions not paying on time.
    , the above-mentioned Notice also requires the assignment of procurement tasks, based on the number of prior reports by various medical institutions.
    the medical insurance bureaus of each district and county, on the basis of the quantity reported in the previous period of medical institutions, give full consideration to the actual use of consumables of medical institutions, reasonably assign procurement tasks, and guide and urge medical institutions to give priority to the use of the selected varieties.
    require strict price enforcement.
    medical institutions shall strictly enforce the selected price and shall not bargain again.
    not selected varieties, the implementation of the lowest national price (provincial centralized procurement platform price, excluding self-quote and record price).
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