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    8 collection varieties cannot be supplied normally in Yunnan Province

    • Last Update: 2020-06-16
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    Recently, the Yunnan Provincial Health Insurance Bureau issued a notice that, 4 plus 7 sets of the selected varieties, there are 8 varieties in Yunnan Province, the phenomenon of not normal supply, now to the relevant enterprises to submit a written statement and capacity list, verification will be in accordance with the provisions of the replacement of the relevant drugsThe 8 varieties of abnormal supply in Yunnan Province are: Entikave dispersal tablets, attovastatin calcium tablets, lipastone tablets, Malaya acid inapis tablets, phenyl sulfonate chloride flat tablets, ebesatin tablets, cephalosporine tablets, monitasIt is not the first time that the supply of harvested varieties has been tight, on April 10, Shanghai Sunshine Pharmaceutical Procurement Network announcement shows that, affected by the outbreak, the second batch of national organizations in the centralized procurement of drugs selected 32 varieties, omesatan ester tablets, Alyssatan tablets, polyethylene glycol 4000 scattered, hydrochloric acid left silicil tablets in the initial implementation of the possible supply of tight, delivery delay and other issues, among the normal supply of ometanThe shortage of supply may be affected by the outbreak of the resumption of production of enterprises, but there may be capacity to keep upBecause according to some provinces announced the implementation of the 4 plus 7 expansion, the implementation of 3 months of single completed the maximum of 400%! It can be seen that some provinces before the reporting of procurement volume and the actual amount of the difference is still a bit largeOn May 28th, Jiangxi Province released the implementation of the 4-plus-7-episode expansion, and within 3 months of implementation, the completion of 31 standards was between 23.27% and 400.47%, with an average of 85.36%The proportion of the total quantity purchased of selected drugs to the agreed quantity was 66.38%, accounting for 83.67 percent of the purchase quantity of the same standard medicine, which far exceeded expectationsInsiders say that the collection has been the enterprise's profits to the lowest point, enterprises have the meaning of slackOriginal title: there are collection varieties can not be normal supply! This time it's 8 varieties.
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