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    8 Health Trends in Children's Diets in 2016

    • Last Update: 2021-02-16
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    the coming year, cleaner, more nutritious foods will continue to spread throughout the United States. Parents are increasingly looking for healthy eating for the whole family, including for particularly discerning children, a generation that has grown up eating chicken nuggets or cheese rather than roast chicken or vegetables.

    parents are aware that childhood obesity in the United States is out of control, so they must change their children's diet, including more reasonable dietary control, eating more vegetables, and reducing sugar intake. Mareya Ibrahim, an expert
    the natural
    industry and a
    The Fit Foodie,

    To help parents and boost food sales,
    believes fast-food producers, food service providers and restaurants will have to face
    healthy food trends in the coming year:

    , spiral vegetables.
    such as zucchini, beets and cucumbers, can be used as an alternative to pasta,
    that vegetarian noodles are only important for blogs at the moment, but are already appearing on the menus of some restaurants, as well as frozen and ready-to-eat foods. Next year's upcoming cup noodles will also be a good way to incorporate vegetarian noodles into people's daily diets. In addition, this trend is also very good for some gluten-free foods, as spiral vegetables mimic the texture of pasta, and many gluten-free pasta do not do this well. Another attraction of the product is its ability to meet the needs of those who are very demanding about calorie and sugar intake, with spiral vegetables reducing the number of calories and about
    grams of sugar per serving of pasta by
    calories. In terms of children's popularity,
    joked that she didn't let her son eat vegetables, but that her son wolfed down several plates of cheese sauce containing spiral vegetables. "
    son likes spiral cucumber and cheese, then the remaining
    99.9 percent
    like it, " she says.

    , homemade bowl.
    bowl contains a layer of vegetables, a layer of grain, a layer of protein, this
    will be all over the place, and
    people through some familiar food bags to accept new dishes.
    ," Ibrahim
    said. In some food service industries and school canteens, salad buffets have been equipped, as well as custom bowls based on different dishes, allowing many consumers and children to enjoy customized meals. This is a great opportunity for food manufacturers to produce ready-to-eat or heated meals, as well as faster, more convenient and portable catering services.
    Ready Pac
    has teamed up with
    Bistro Bowls
    , as well as
    ElevAte entre
    salad boxes, to develop custom bowls with forks. The company is committed to maintaining the freshness and flavor of the food in the bowl, as well as its commitment to consumers. Other companies in the field, including
    Annie Chun's
    , offer bowls of ramen and noodles, and
    Artisan Bistro
    , which sells breakfast and fish bowls.

    , quick dinner.
    is mainly to launch a quick and cost-effective dinner.
    recent study by Ibrahim found that more than nine in 10 Americans choose fast food for dinner, and half eat it at least once a month. When children are included, at least
    families eat a "fast dinner"

    . "For
    can turn an egg into a very upscale dish by adding shrimp, lobster, or salmon," she says. Or for the catering service, you can make waffles into Mexican rolls. For hand-caught food, you can make yogurt

    she adds:
    breakfast ingredients are generally cheaper, and the meal will sell very expensive, which brings a very large profit." In
    , companies are working to make it easier to cook fast dinners, such as
    Clever Foods' Scramble
    , which is on a pre-treated fresh egg line, mixing vegetables and seasoning powders.

    muffin pot craze.
    in some countries, consumers will cook

    for heat control. Children also like muffin-sized foods, even if they've never eaten them, she said. This is mainly because the shape and structure of these foods look familiar. For example,
    says her children like her to make meat rolls out of muffin pots with broccoli, or sweet potato paste.
    Mini Noodles
    Mini Pizza
    , as well as the

    Mini Pie
    concept can be used for frozen food, as well as portable appetizers. The children can take them to school and eat them in their hands at lunchtime.

    , sprouted grains.
    continue to be used as a ingredient in gluten-free foods. Sprouted grains are healthy compared to other ingredients, such as white rice flour.
    " germination allows higher nutrient concentrations in grains. This increases the fiber content of the grain while lowering the glycemic index.
    grains have been widely used in snack chips, bread peels, Mexican pasta, and baked goods.
    parents could consider choosing foods made from sprouted grains for their children. In particular, she

    , way Better Snacks
    angelic bakery

    , Ma'hagen.
    is still a very limited application of superfoods,
    says margargan has great potential because it can be added to energy bars, crisps, and powders, and its taste is mild and easy to mask. She says Maggagan has a very strong antioxidant capacity and is an all-natural stimulant. Parents can let their children eat before exercise, replacing foods high in caffeine, sugar and carbonate.
    is now a very big opportunity for
    brand companies, because there is not a particularly large number of food products using marma curry as raw materials, and consumers are looking forward to such products.

    , big head dish.
    "next important vegetable
    , although many consumers don't yet know what it is.
    notes that this cabbage's close relative vegetables are very good for adults and are rich in vitamin
    , dietary fiber, potassium, vitamin
    , copper, manganese, and only
    calories per icing on the head.
    can develop the vegetable well because it is eaten in a variety of ways and can be eaten raw, steamed, stewed, or mashed to make a paste. She said
    You're still rarely seeing this vegetable, but I'm surprised you can eat it in a variety of ways, not in the future, you'll see it a lot."

    , bite the food ball.
    like muffin food and are becoming more and more popular with adults and children. This food appeals to adults because it is very nutritious and very portable. Children love this food because its "
    size is ideal for children, not whole food bars or cakes. It's very interesting to eat at the same time.
    ," Ibrahim
    said. Over the next year, she will launch
    Food ball
    "Fit Bites"
    Momme Meals
    , another brand in the field, produces
    -sized foods, as well as
    -sized snacks, mainly for breast milk. The company will also now be involved in sports nutrition.
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