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    A batch of 417 hospitals suspended sales (list attached)

    • Last Update: 2020-06-19
    • Source: Internet
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    Source / Shandong public resources trading center < br / > collation / cypress blue comprehensive collation < br / > consistency evaluation is still a key test< br / > on June 12, Shandong public resources trading center issued a notice that 48 products were withdrawn from the Internet, 369 drugs were suspended from trading, and 417 drugs were suspended from trading< br / > according to cerberyl, of the 48 drugs that have been removed from the Internet, 32 are those that have passed the consistency evaluation, one is the imported original research drug, one is the generic drug approved according to the new registration classification of chemical drugs, and the remaining 15 are not in the catalog set of listed drugs and have not passed the consistency evaluation< br / > different from the previous ones, 14 of the 48 drugs were withdrawn due to repeated products, such as Acarbose Tablets (50mg, 30 tablets / box) of Huadong Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., cefradine capsules (0.25g, 24 capsules / box) of Shandong Xinhua Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.; 29 drugs applied for withdrawal, For example, acarbose capsules (50mg, 15 capsules / box) of Sichuan LVYE Pharmaceutical Co., Ltdand Azithromycin Dispersible Tablets (0.25g, 6 tablets / box) of lunanbeite Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd< br / > this is mainly due to the requirements of the price adjustment plan for non selected drugs in centralized procurement by national organizations (luggzjz [2019] No48) (hereinafter referred to as the adjustment plan) of Shandong Province< br / > on December 18, 2019, Shandong Province issued the above documents to adjust the prices of the non selected drugs in the centralized procurement of the national organizations linked to the provincial drug purchase platform< br / > the following requirements are proposed for other non selected products with the same dosage form and specification, which have been linked to the drug purchase platform of Shandong Province, and the centralized purchase list of 25 varieties with the same dosage form organized by the state: < br / > the enterprise applies independently, and for the non selected products that meet the price adjustment range, the enterprise applies for the price adjustment independently< br / > provincial price linkageIf the network has been connected in other provinces, the lowest network price in other provinces shall be directly linked according to the implementation plan of drug centralized purchase price linkage in Shandong Province< br / > platform price warning: red, yellow and green gradients are marked for the online price of the enterprise application publicized to provide reference for purchase< br / > Shandong Province has made restrictions on the prices of non selected and non evaluated varieties: < br / > 1The prices of generic drugs that pass the consistency evaluation of national drug quality and efficacy among the non selected drugs shall not exceed the prices of the original drugs after price adjustment; < br / > 2The prices of other generic drugs that fail to pass the consistency evaluation of drug quality and efficacy shall not be higher than those of the selected drugs The price of products on the Internet; < br / > 3Among the products not selected, the products of the same enterprise with the same variety (the same dosage form and the same specification) and different packaging must conform to the price difference rule< br / > according to the adjustment plan, if more than three drugs of the same variety have passed the consistency evaluation, under the condition of ensuring supply, the varieties that have failed the consistency evaluation will no longer be selected and trading will be suspended Trading of unselected products without price adjustment application within the specified time shall be suspended < br / > today, 369 drugs have been suspended After combing, cypress blue found that 233 drugs were suspended from trading because of three or more evaluated products; 100 drugs were not adjusted according to the required price; 35 drugs were higher than the selected drugs because of the price of the non evaluated products; only one drug was the evaluated products whose price was higher than the original drugs < br / > based on the above data, 233 out of 369 drugs were suspended because of the presence of three or more evaluated products, which is still the trend of invisible elimination < br / > at present, consistency evaluation has entered the harvest period, and many varieties have been evaluated According to incomplete statistics of cypress blue, up to now, 882 generic drugs have passed or deemed to pass the consistency evaluation, 167 products have passed the evaluation more than two, 88 products have passed the evaluation more than three < br / > among them, amlodipine besylate tablets (5mg) have been evaluated by 28 manufacturers; metformin hydrochloride tablets (0.25g) have been evaluated by 21 manufacturers for consistency, and the competition is further intensified while bearing the cost of the evaluation < br / > 19 provinces, such as Heilongjiang, Jiangxi, Jiangsu, Hubei, Guangxi, etc., have announced that some of the drugs fail to pass the conformity assessment If the manufacturers of the same drugs have passed the conformity assessment and reached more than 3, their trading qualification will be suspended < br / > with more and more over evaluated varieties reaching three, pharmaceutical enterprises that are unable to bear the consistency evaluation can only give up the varieties in their hands < br / > in addition to three suspension transactions, price reduction is also an inevitable choice < br / > whether it is the supplementary document of Shanghai for centralized drug purchase in 4 + 7 cities in Shanghai or six provinces and cities in Heilongjiang, Liaoning, Shandong, Hubei, Jiangxi and Gansu, it is clearly required that the purchase price of the varieties that fail to pass the evaluation shall not be higher than that of the varieties that pass the consistency evaluation Some provinces have announced the price adjustment of the varieties that fail to pass the evaluation < br / > for most enterprises, the consistency evaluation is still a big test, even if there is a continuous implementation of local volume purchasing Before the key nodes of holding three varieties, the price should be reduced to protect the market For a group of pharmaceutical enterprises that cannot afford the cost of consistency evaluation, the elimination of varieties is only a matter of time < br / > cancel online products < br / > < br / > < br / > suspend trading products < br / > < br / > < br / > < br / >
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