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    A batch of Chinese medicine and Chinese medicine preparations will be included in the scope of medical insurance payment

    • Last Update: 2020-06-17
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    On June 3, Shanxi Province issued the Implementation Plan on the Construction of a Strong Province of Chinese Medicine (hereinafter referred to as the Implementation Plan), which will clearly carry out seven major projects, such as strengthening the capacity of Chinese medicine medical services, expanding the health service industry of Chinese medicine, protecting and utilizing Chinese medicine resources,theproduction and quality of Chinese medicine, the modernization of the Chinese medicine industry, the training of Chinese medicine personnel and scientific and technological innovation in Chinese medicine, and will be fully completed by 2030mentioned that the price and medical insurance policy in line with the characteristics of Chinese medicine will be improved, and appropriate Chinese medicine, Chinese medicine preparations, etcwill be included in the scope of medical insurance paymentsince 2020, the Chinese medicine industry has received a lot of attention from the industryMany places have issued policy documents to encourage innovation and development of Chinese medicineSome people in the industry believe that the inclusion of Chinese medicine in medical insurance is conducive to further improving the health and well-being of the people and to meet the needs of the masses for the treatment of chinese medicine tablets and hospital preparations with good clinical effect, safe and effective, easy to use and reasonable pricesactually, judging by the outcome of the 2019 health care negotiations, it's not hard to see the strong willingness of Chinese medicine to get into health careIn the 2019 health care negotiations, 19 chinese medicines to be negotiated, a total of 18 successful negotiations, smooth access to the national health insuranceIn addition, the successful 2017 negotiations of 5 traditional Chinese medicine including Ginkgo diastere glucosamine injection, Ginkgo nalox injection, compound jaundice tablets, injection with jaundice polysaccharides, ginseng capsules, in this round of renewal negotiations are also re-entered, so that the 2019 health care negotiations successfully the number of chinese drugs reached 23, the success of the Chinese medicine varieties reached 96%sales of Chinese medicine seditons will be affected by some positivesFor example, among the five traditional Chinese medicines in the renewal negotiations, Ginkgo dimethyl aureus injections entered the health insurance to achieve a high rate of releaseIts production enterprise Kangyuan Pharmaceutical seine introduced, in 2017 Kangyuan Pharmaceuticals Ginkgo diter-glutine injection countries negotiated to enter the health insurance Class B catalog, the price decreased by 50%According to the Company's 2018 Annual Report, sales of Ginkgo diazequine increased by 66.39% in 2018, with sales of about 500 million yuan, in addition, the compound Huang Dai tablet since entering health insurance in 2017 after the release of significant In May 2018, the product manufacturer Yifan Pharmaceuticals has revealed that since its inclusion in the national health insurance negotiations directory, the company's operating performance has provided a new growth point, its sales in the first quarter of 2018 increased by more than 60% year-on-year Shanxi Province released the document also shows that in order to improve the price and medical insurance policy in line with the characteristics of Chinese medicine, the medical insurance department will reasonably determine the Chinese medicine medical service charges, prices, reflecting the cost of Chinese medicine services and technical and labor value The policy of paying per head shall be implemented for the dominant and chronic diseases of Chinese medicine The appropriate Chinese medicine medical service items, traditional Chinese medicine and medical institutions chinese medicine preparations shall be included in the scope of medical insurance payment according to regulations, and the proportion of reimbursement shall be reasonably determined We will implement the pilot project of incorporating Chinese medicine appropriate technical outpatient treatment into the scope of medical insurance payment, and encourage and guide primary health care institutions to provide appropriate Chinese medicine services at the same time, support the development of medical institutions to treat the unsick services, the establishment of Chinese medicine characteristics health management center, hypertension, diabetes, maternal Chinese medicine health management projects into the basic public health services , according to the Implementation Plan, Shanxi Province will promote shanxi Provincial Chinese Hospital, Shanxi University of Traditional Chinese Medicine Affiliated Hospital to introduce Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine affiliated Longhua Hospital, The Chinese Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine Xiyuan Hospital and other high-quality medical resources, to build a regional Chinese medicine medical center Based on the city-level three-level Chinese medicine hospital, four provincial-level regional Chinese medicine medical centers are planned and built in Jinzhong, Jinbei, Jinnan and Jindong At the same time, the general hospital set up Chinese medicine, Chinese medicine pharmacy, Chinese medicine beds are not less than 5% of the total bed, and equipped with the corresponding Chinese medicine personnel.
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