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    A batch of drugstores to reduce prices, an average of 61.2%

    • Last Update: 2020-06-17
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    Pharmaceutical Network Industry Dynamic" In recent years, by the policy and market impact, the impact of drug collection has been unstoppable to retail pharmaciesUnder the collection of pharmacies, it will be beneficial to reduce the price difference between public medical institutions and pharmacies, reduce the cost of pharmacy procurement, improve operational efficiencyIt is reported that the first round of guangdong retail drug collection and collection work has been released the first round of pilot resultson January 2 this year, Guangdong Province pharmacy collection work officially startedThen, in April, the Guangdong Pharmaceutical Exchange Center issued a notice inviting all relevant units to participate in the production of retail drug collectionAfter the announcement, Guangdong Three Pharmaceuticals Electronic Trading Management Co., Ltd., as a procurement consortium, quickly organized the pharmacy to report the volume of bargaining, nearly 170 drugstore chains in the province, 400 single pharmacies, nearly 10,000 stores, more than 3000 manufacturers and more than 800 distribution business names involvedMay 12, the Guangdong Pharmaceutical Trading Center Retail Drug Trading Implementation Measures (Trial) was issued, which clearly defined the procurement subject, bargaining method, distribution and settlement of retail drug transactions, and opened the curtain on the centralized procurement of pharmaceutical retail in Guangdong Provincefrom the Guangdong retail drug collection pilot results, after selection, the first round of collection and collection of the volume involved a total of 22 product regulations, the total purchase amount of more than 110 million yuan, a number of manufacturers to "4 plus 7" band procurement bid price even lower than the winning bid price to Guangdong retail pharmacies, the average price fell by 61.2%data show that China's retail pharmacies accounted for 23% of the total volume of drug salesGuangdong Province, which has a large number of pharmacies in the country, had more than 54,000 pharmacies by the end of 2018With the results of the retail drug collection pilot, the burden of drug costs will be further reduced for patients who are buying them in the near futureit is understood that the second round of retail drug collection in Guangdong Province will start in late June, with the increase in procurement units, drug procurement prices are expected to further expand, including the procurement catalog of products will gradually increaseIn addition, in the future, Guangdong retail drug centralized procurement will also learn from the national negotiating model, through the form of tape negotiations to obtain lower price supply retail procurementpredict that, with the start of the Guangdong Province, more provinces will be involved in the start-up of drugstore collection For retail pharmacies, the era of high windfalls is over, and competition will only intensify in the future data show that the pharmaceutical retail industry has seen a continued decline in industry-wide sales since April 2019 With the increasing concentration of the retail drug industry, pharmacies have followed up, can be said to be the trend it is understood that since the implementation of the "4 plus 7" band procurement, Yifeng big pharmacy, people's big pharmacy, big ginseng forest have carried out the corresponding varieties of price reduction In addition to the listed chain pharmacy, yushu civilian large pharmacy, Yikang Pharmaceutical syllabea and other leading chains have followed the price reduction industry believes that with the market reshuffle, the advantages of large chain pharmacies will be more obvious, and single-box pharmacies, small chain drugstores will continue to increase the rate of elimination "It's expected that within the next two to three years, 50 percent of single-body pharmacies will be out In the cold winter, drug companies and pharmacies cooperation, group heating is a trend "
    related data show that at present, China's top five drugstore chains only 12%, the chain rate of only 52.2% Competition within pharmacies still exists only at the capital level With the outflow of prescription drugs, the pharmaceutical retail industry will accelerate the survival of the fittest Large drugstore chains are also making a big move to squeeze rival profits and speed up the clearance of single-body pharmacies.
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