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    A batch of unqualified drugs were named, Chinese herbal medicine, Chinese medicine and drink tablets are on the list

    • Last Update: 2020-06-16
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    Pharmaceutical Network Industry Dynamics: The two provincial drug regulatory authorities released the results of recent drug sampling, most of which are Chinese herbal medicine, Chinese medicine tablets.
    Recently, Heilongjiang Province Drug Administration issued a notice on drug quality samplingThe announcement said that after some drug production, business enterprises and use units were sampled, found that 16 batches of drugs did not meet the requirements, involving 12 drug production units.
    It is worth noting that these 6 batches of unqualified drugs, there are 13 batches of Chinese herbal medicine, Chinese medicine tablets, involving large yellow, sea wind vine, golden cherry blossom meat, mountain bean root, honey (hot) licorice, pig, honey winter flowers, shriver (medium slice), fat sea, natural copper, ground dragon, summer grass, meatChinese medicine tablets do not comply with the provisions, involving the situation includes: the genus of the medicinal species deviation, the craft is defective, improper storage and so on.
    Shandong Province has also released the results of the 3rd phase of drug sampling in 2020, of which 14 production enterprises (preparation units) of 14 varieties of a total of 15 batches of drugs, after sampling does not meet the standard requirementsUnqualified drug specifications are mostly Chinese medicine drink tablets, due to the deviation of the medicinal species, the craft is defective, improper storage, etc, resulting in Chinese medicine drink tablets characteristic items do not meet the provisions.
    It can be seen that Chinese medicine tablets are still the key areas in the drug sampling processIn fact, the quality and safety of Chinese medicine tablets has been highly valued by the drug regulatory authorities, in recent years, the relevant departments of the supervision and inspection efforts have been increasing.
    The new version of the Drug Administration Law, which came into force at the end of 2019, will increase the amount of punishment and strengthen the penalties for companies that violate the lawFor the production or sale of inferior drugs, the illegal production and sale of drugs and illegal proceeds shall be confiscated, and a fine shall be imposed on the value of the illegally produced or sold drugs by ten times or less than twenty times;
    According to the results of the national drug sampling published in 2019, the results of the special sampling of Chinese medicine tablets showed that of the 1343 samples of 7 Chinese medicine tablets sampled in 2019, 1222 batches were in compliance with the regulations, and 121 batches were not in compliance with the regulationsIn 2019, the pass rate of Chinese medicine tablets was 91%, an increase of 3 percentage points over 2018.
    From the data can be seen, in 2019, under strict supervision, China's Chinese herbal medicine and drink ingenuity product pass rate increased year by year, the industry is gradually moving towards the direction of standardization, drinking tabletquality has improvedBut industry experts also said that Chinese herbal medicine and drinking film industry chain long, involving more problems, but also more complex, do not hope to solve the problem overnight.
    In order to further standardize the healthy development of the industry order, this year the relevant departments also continued to exert effortsFor example, in February, the State Drug Administration issued the "Special Work Programme on The Special Treatment of Chinese Medicine Tablets", which put forward the overall objectives and key points of work for the special rectification of Chinese medicine tabletsThe introduction of a series of policies and regulations is aimed at continuously improving the quality of Chinese medicine tabletsIn addition, on May 12, the State Drug Administration held a teleconference, asking all chinese medicine tablets and preparations for production and operation units, as well as the Chinese herbal medicine market to implement the main responsibility.
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