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    A brief introduction to the test method and application skills of round run out of medical glass bottles

    • Last Update: 2018-01-31
    • Source: Internet
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    What do you think about the common medical glass bottles? Infusion bottle, Xilin bottle, ampoule bottle, oral liquid bottle Because memory medicine is directly related to human life and health, so the quality of the bottle itself is far higher than that of other industries

    The round beat value test is one of the necessary indicators

    So, how to ensure the high precision of the test result Zui and achieve the ideal test when checking the round run out index of medical glass bottle, such as ampoule bottle? Next, Sai Cheng briefly describes the testing process and some testing techniques

    The method of round run out test is to clamp and fix the bottle bottom on the rotating disk of the horizontal plate, make the bottle mouth contact with the dial indicator, rotate 360 ° to read the big value of Zui and the small value of Zui, the difference between the two is 1 / 2 of the vertical axis deviation value, that is, the round run out value

    (in essence, although they are called differently, there is no difference in essence) to achieve high-precision skills

    First, we need to choose a high-performance test instrument, the core components of which are mostly imported from foreign famous brands

    Rbt-a vertical axis deviation tester developed by Jinan Saicheng ”Through the use of imported core components, ingenious use of the characteristics of high concentricity of three claw self centering chuck, and a set of high degree of freedom bracket which can freely adjust the height and orientation, it can meet the detection of verticality deviation of important parts such as the bottle body and the bottle shoulder of various containers, and the result obtained has high centering accuracy and high measurement accuracy

    Secondly, when reading the test value of vertical axis deviation of medical glass bottle and calculating the difference between the big value of dial indicator Zui and the small value of Zui, make sure that the connection between the probe and the center of glass bottle mouth just passes through the vertical axis of bottle bottom when the dial indicator of the instrument is cleared

    Because we can't determine the probe position when the dial indicator is cleared, we must take a good look

    Moreover, the error of the instrument itself will accumulate to the error of the test, and the test result is equal to the sum of the actual axis deviation of the sample bottle and the error of the instrument itself, so the vertical axis deviation test of the medical glass bottle is tested It is necessary to choose intelligent instrument without human operation

    At the same time, the instrument is designed according to relevant standards, otherwise the test results have no significance

    It can be said responsibly that "rbt-a vertical axis deviation tester" developed by Jinan Saicheng is designed and manufactured according to standards such as qb2357-1998 polyester (PET) non steam beverage bottle, QB / t1868-2004 polyethylene terephthalate (PET) carbonated beverage bottle, national drug packaging container ybb0019203 vertical axis deviation measurement method, etc

    At present, this "rbt-a vertical axis deviation tester" developed by Jinan Saicheng has become an ideal and reliable professional tester for many domestic and foreign scientific research units, food, drug and other industries and various bottle container manufacturers with excellent performance and super high cost performance.
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