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    A fire at a furniture factory in Xiamen killed a 14-year-old girl

    • Last Update: 2021-03-02
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    March 10 at about 1:03 noon, the lake in Hubei Second Road Shuangli Industrial Park, a furniture city along the street shop fire, the fire spread, a total of 7 stores suffered. Firefighters rescued a 14-year-old girl from the fire and unfortunately died. The scene of the 14-year-old girl killed the fire
    1:30 pm, the reporter rushed to the scene, the fire has been basically under control, only one operating hardy wire shop there is still fire. Affected by the fire, the two-way traffic control section of Jinshan to Yunding North Road on the second road in Hubei Province. The fire is adjacent to the second road in Hubei 7 stores, mainly engaged in hardware accessories, labor protection supplies, fishing gear and snacks. Outside the cordon, a middle-aged woman wept and two men held her in comfort. It is understood that the woman is the owner of the fishing gear shop, her daughter is trapped on the second floor of the store. It is understood that after the fire, Xiamen Fire Brigade sent 26 fire engines to the scene. The fire along the street storefront belongs to a double-storey town structure, the main fire site is located on the second floor of the store, firefighters began to fight. Meanwhile, the owner of the fishing gear store said his 14-year-old daughter was trapped in a second-floor room. Firefighters immediately entered the room from a second-floor window and successfully rescued the trapped girl, but unfortunately, 120 medical staff at the scene confirmed that the girl showed no signs of life. At 2:10 p.m., the fire was largely extinguished and firefighters removed five liquefied gas canisters from the fire. Recall that the fire spread quickly
    the owner of a beef snack bar introduced, when there were seven or eight guests in the store, she heard someone outside shouting "fire", ran out to see, "red flames are coming out of the middle of several stores, the wind quickly burned to our side, very fierce." The old lady hurriedly greeted several guests to run out together. "I was standing outside and I could hear the crackling little explosion. " She said. Another witness, Mr. Lin, said that around 1 p.m., he was working in a furniture factory on the back of the street storefront, "first smelled a strong smell of scorching, looked up, the fire is from the front of a row of shop windows non-stop out, spread very quickly, the furniture city was covered in black smoke, we hurriedly evacuated the workers inside." Mr. Lin said, fortunately along the street that row of shops and behind the furniture city and the side of the three stores are more than 2 meters wide channels, otherwise the fire will certainly burn more severe, the consequences can not be imagined. At present, the cause of the fire is under investigation. Fire alert
    if the public find indoor fire, do not panic, immediately call the police to request rescue, and do not have a lucky mentality, their own blind fire fighting; When encountering thick smoke, to stop immediately, do not try to rush out of the fireworks, in the smoke should take a low posture crawl, the body as close to the ground as possible. If there is a gas leak in the room, do not turn on the lights to check or make a phone call to avoid caused by explosion;
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