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    A large number of consumables the lowest price in the country announced

    • Last Update: 2021-02-21
    • Source: Internet
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    Recently, Shaanxi Province pharmaceutical centralized procurement network issued "on the Shaanxi Province general medical supplies sunshine procurement products list notice", radioimaging class, anesthesiology class, injection puncture class, functional dressing category four categories of general medical supplies sunshine procurement product list to be published (public number main page reply number "2", can download the full price list).
    According to Cypress Blue equipment statistics, the catalog published a total of 9564 kinds of supplies hanging network prices, of which 4014 kinds of supplies prices are the lowest prices in the country.
    Such as Johnson and Johnson's one-time use of chest cavity hard puncture device national minimum price of 550 yuan, one-time use of clean ring puncture sleeve national minimum price of 1113.6 yuan.
    Medtron's one-time use trachea national minimum price is 4950 yuan, Biddy's disposable waist hemp and epidural joint anesthesia kit self-declared price of 450 yuan.
    Shandong Wei high disposable use of ordinary intravenous blood harvester disc wing needle (visible blood back) the lowest price of the country is 0.35 yuan, the throat cover of the independent declaration price of 151.2 yuan.
    General supplies began to reduce pricesIn fact, in November 2018, the former Shaanxi Provincial Health Planning Commission has issued the "Shaanxi Province general medical supplies sunshine procurement implementation plan", following the 13 categories of high-value supplies, began to control ordinary supplies, but only centralized procurement, not yet a volume of procurement.
    On October 21 this year, Shaanxi Province's pharmaceutical procurement network issued the "Shaanxi Province 2019 General Medical Supplies Sunshine Procurement Announcement" said that the procurement will include radioimaging, anesthesiology, injection puncture, functional dressing four categories of general medical supplies.
    According to Cypress Blue equipment statistics, the above four categories of ordinary supplies include a total of 342 kinds of consumables, each with different specifications.
    For the price mechanism, Shaanxi general medical supplies sunshine procurement work synchronous transplant Hunan Province database, Hunan Province has been published by the general medical supplies products, after the enterprise to confirm the price information adjustment, the formation of our province's general medical supplies products hanging network catalog.
    Non-profit medical institutions and central blood stations organized by all county-level and above people's governments, state-owned enterprises (including state-controlled enterprises) in Shaanxi Province, as well as township hospitals and government-run community health service institutions, will participate in the procurement.
    At the same time, other medical institutions are encouraged to refer to the implementation of medical supplies online sunshine procurement results.Constant dynamic adjustment, constant price reductionin addition to ordinary supplies hanging network price linkage, Shaanxi Province high-value supplies prices have been dynamically adjusted, and after the adjustment of a huge decline.
    On November 15th, Shaanxi Province's pharmaceutical procurement network issued a "notice on the dynamic adjustment of 12 categories of medical supplies, such as vascular intervention," the results of the partial adjustment of public notice.
    According to the results of price adjustment, Jiangsu Kangjin Medical Equipment Co., Ltd.'s disposable electric trap, the price from 6460 yuan to 595 yuan, a decrease of 90.79 percent;
    In addition, Medtron, Abbott and other multinational arms companies have been subject to a number of products have been significantly reduced prices.
    In fact, in addition to dynamic adjustment, Shaanxi Province's most recent concern is the 14-province alliance of the volume negotiations.
      August 14, the industry out of a Shaanxi Health Insurance Bureau issued "on the organization of centralized belt procurement to develop high-value medical supplies varieties", said in order to give full play to the size and technical advantages of the alliance, promote cross-regional joint belt procurement, further reduce the price of high-value medical supplies, to start the inter-provincial recruitment alliance high-value medical supplies centralized belt procurement work.
      In an environment where cross-provincial alliance procurement is encouraged at the national level, perhaps the volume negotiations of the 14 provincial alliances in Shaanxi are not far off. (Cypress Blue Equipment)
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