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    A large number of hospital construction in full land, equipment procurement standards published (with list)

    • Last Update: 2021-01-13
    • Source: Internet
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    Pharmaceutical Network January 7th, the addition of a number of departments, Shanghai community hospital construction landed in full on December 31st, the Shanghai Municipal Health and Health Commission recently issued a "on the issuance of Shanghai to promote the construction of community hospital work programme notice" (hereinafter referred to as "Notice").
    "Notice", the Shanghai Municipal Health and Health Commission said it will continue to promote the construction of community hospitals, and in coordination with regional medical centers to form a better quality health service system.
    it is worth noting that in the construction of this round of community hospitals, Shanghai has made it clear that it is expected to improve the capacity of community specialized medical services on the basis of basic medical services in the main form of general medicine.
    On the basis of at least setting up general medical department, Chinese medicine department, rehabilitation medicine department, pediatrics, hospice care (peaceful care) department, fever sentinel clinic (fever clinic), according to the actual needs of the choice of additional surgery, gynecology, oral medicine, ophthalmology, otolaryngology, dermatology, mental (psychological) and other specialized subjects.
    same time, Shanghai requires community hospitals to set up beds based on nursing and rehabilitation functions, taking into account the needs of day observation, acute treatment, combined treatment of Chinese and Western medicine, and peaceful hospitalization.
    the key construction tasks of community hospital construction also include promoting the rehabilitation function of community health service centers and providing diagnosis, functional assessment, rehabilitation treatment, rehabilitation care, home rehabilitation and referral services for patients with rehabilitation needs.
    In the construction of the Chinese Medicine Association, the establishment of community Chinese medicine specialty (specialty) outpatient clinics, to promote community Chinese medicine rehabilitation, Chinese medicine pediatrics and other characteristics of the department to be stronger and bigger, in outpatient, inpatient, public health, rehabilitation, nursing and home services in the widespread use of Chinese medicine technology and methods.
    , according to the Shanghai Health and Safety Commission, the focus of development at this stage will focus on upgrading community pediatrics, rehabilitation, oral, spiritual (psychological), nursing and other aspects of the special capacity.
    In other words, the future construction of shanghai's community hospitals will be fully landed, in addition to the addition of relevant key departments and beds, the equipment configuration of relevant departments will undoubtedly become the focus of construction.
    standards issued, community hospitals ushered in the equipment configuration boom in fact, as early as the end of August, the Shanghai Municipal Health and Health Commission issued a document published the basic standards for the setting of community health services in Shanghai.
    and configuration standards of community health service centres include medical care, public health, medical and technical support, other ancillary services, operational management and community health service stations (village health rooms).
    The main equipment configuration is as follows: In addition, the relevant equipment configuration standards are also specified in the Guidelines for the Evaluation of service capacity of Township Hospitals (2019 edition) and the Service Capacity Evaluation Guidelines for Community Health Service Centers (2019 edition) issued by the National Health and Health Commission.
    The national township hospitals and community health service centers also need to be equipped with more than 90% of the basic medical equipment in the following diagram, and equipped with more than 6 kinds of Chinese medicine diagnosis and treatment equipment and rehabilitation equipment, as well as to have DR, color super, fully automatic bio-chemical analyzer, blood coagulator, twelve-guide electroctogram machine, air disinfection machine, anesthesiology machine, gastroscope, ventilator and CT, emergency ambulance, fully automated light-emitting immunoanalysis and other equipment.
    "14th Five-Year Plan" five-year plan announced, the primary health care market is still the focus of the previous National Health And Health Commission and other departments issued documents, after the outbreak of the construction of the primary public health care system has become the first task in various regions in the future.
    as early as March 2019, the National Health and Wellness Commission issued a document calling for pilot "community hospitals" in 20 provinces and cities to comprehensively improve the capacity of community health service centers.
    the latest data from the National Health And Wellness Commission's Statistical Information Center, there are 957,000 primary health care institutions and 35,000 community health service centers (stations).
    At the same time, in the "14th Five-Year Plan", the state in addition to the clear future will continue to organize centralized procurement of medical supplies and vigorously develop high-end medical equipment, the state is also the construction of primary health care services into the key work.
    At a press conference organized by the State Administration of Health and Human Services in early November, Yu Xuejun, deputy director of the National Health and Health Commission, also revealed in his key tasks for the medical industry during the 14th Five-Year Plan: "The 14th Five-Year Plan" is the key period to continue to deepen medical reform, and the National Health and Health Commission will continue to promote the construction of medical associations and comprehensive medical reform at the county level, so that county-level hospitals reach the level of secondary hospitals, while piloting community hospital construction and comprehensively improving the level of primary health care.
    Obviously, the future of primary health care under the support of the policy will undoubtedly usher in an outbreak, and for the medical device industry, after the landing of primary medical equipment configuration, will undoubtedly bring some benefits to arms enterprises and dealers.
    there is no doubt that the post-epidemic era is the critical moment of the outbreak of primary health care reform, and the corresponding allocation of medical equipment is bound to become increasingly normal ...
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