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    A new dedicated hollow membrane solar greenhouse technology has been added to the aquaculture industry

    • Last Update: 2023-02-03
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    Recently, the "Efficient Storage and Utilization Technology of Aquaculture Solar Greenhouse Thermal Energy" led by the team of Sun Jianming of the Institute of Oceanology, Chinese Academy of Sciences passed the on-site acceptance
    of experts.
    The new solar greenhouse has good thermal insulation performance, convenient assembly, high strength and open internal space, and is a special greenhouse tailored for aquaculture
    The hollow membrane trabecular solar aquaculture greenhouse (invention patent: ZL201810139468.
    7, Figure 1) adopts standardized original prefabricated parts and double-layer membrane structure, which effectively reduces heat loss while ensuring high transmittance of sunlight, and achieves both heat collection and heat insulation performance, good thermal insulation performance, convenient assembly, high strength, and easy
    replacement of PVC film.
    The greenhouse is equipped with solar greenhouse gas/water heat exchange storage process and equipment (Figure 2), which can transfer the heat of indoor high-temperature air to the aquaculture water body, and realize the heating
    of the aquaculture water body while controlling the indoor temperature of the breeding workshop.
    The operating data show that in the 6 months of warming months from November 2021 to April 2022, the net solar energy income and expenditure of the greenhouse of "single-layer film + quilt" was 1.
    5706 kwh/m2, and the net solar energy income and expenditure of the "hollow film + quilt" greenhouse was 2.
    0477 kwh/m2, and the solar energy utilization rate of the hollow film greenhouse was increased by an average of 30.
    compared with the traditional greenhouse with the single-layer membrane 。 The actual operation results of the breeding base show that the actual electricity consumption of the 400 m3 circulating water aquaculture system in February ~ April 2022 is 40417.
    34 yuan, the output of vannabin shrimp is 4800 kg, and the heating electricity cost per kilogram of shrimp aquaculture water in winter aquaculture is 5.
    74 yuan/kg
    Compared with the current heating cost of 13~15 yuan / kg per kilogram of shrimp in traditional greenhouse culture, the double-layer membrane greenhouse can save about 59%
    of the heating cost of aquaculture water.
    This technology uses solar energy to replace fossil fuels, which can greatly reduce the energy consumption of winter heating of aquaculture enterprises, achieve energy conservation and emission reduction, and have broad
    industrial application prospects.
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