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    A new way to monitor cell decisions.

    • Last Update: 2020-08-08
    • Source: Internet
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    Researchers at Harvard Medical School in the United States and Karolinska M. M. Sweden have developed a new way to monitor cell decisions by predicting the state of cells in the next few hours by the condition of intracellular messenger rnanucleic acid (mRNA), according to a study published In the journal Nature.
    RNA abundance is an important indicator of the state of a single cell.
    with technological advances, scientists have been able to reveal RNA abundance through single-cell RNA sequencing and analyze individual cells.
    but this method captures only "static snapshots" of cell activity at some point in time.
    the latest study, which transforms a "static snapshot" of cell activity into a "dynamic movie" that allows scientists to understand the dynamic development path of cells in one analysis.
    this new method is actually a mathematical model.
    the model used RNA as a predictor to estimate how gene expression changes over time, and thus to predict the state of individual cells over the next few hours.
    using this model, scientists can monitor cell decision-making behavior and predict their direction. The results of the
    -related experiments show that the model is very accurate and the prediction results are exactly the same as the actual development of cells. Monitoring cell decision-making behavior
    and predicting its future path will help scientists better analyze cell function in complex tissues and organs, monitor organ development, and gain insight into how organs respond to specific drugs or treatments at the cellular level, which is important for human disease research.
    researchers say the new method not only helps to reveal the normal development of the brain, but also provides clues to better understanding human brain development disorders such as schizophrenia and autism.
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