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    A number of pharmaceutical innovation projects started Liaoning pharmaceutical annual output value proposed to increase by 30%

    • Last Update: 2020-07-07
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    According to the Liaoning Provincial Science and Technology Department, in order to strengthen the province in the anti-

    , anti-viral, anti-infective drugs and other sources of innovation, the current Liaoning Province will be "treatment of hepatitis B virus new drug development", "treatment of digestive system

    new drug development" and other 20 topics as the first batch of innovative topics officially launched

    At the same time, the province proposed that the pharmaceutical industry (including biomedicine) to achieve the annual output growth target of 30%, which means that the province's pharmaceutical industry this year will achieve sales revenue of more than 20 billion yuan

    As the focus of economic and social development during the "Eleventh Five-Year Plan" period in Liaoning Province, the development of biopharmaceutical industry is listed as a major scientific and technological research project in the province

    In recent years, the province has spent more than 20 million yuan each year to develop the biopharmaceutical industry, through financing, discount, investment, guarantee and other forms, focusing on supporting the development of new drugs, the transformation of results, industrialization, scientific and technological services and scientific and technological innovation system construction

    At present, the province's biopharmaceutical industry has begun to take shape, a number of rapid development, innovation ability of high-tech biopharmaceutical enterprises gradually rise, forming a chemical, biological drugs, Chinese medicine and

    medical devices

    as the main body, diversified development of the industrial structure, the ranking of the national pharmaceutical industry has risen from the 14th in 2005 to the current 11th

    Under the demonstration and leading role of scientific and technological innovation, the modernization of Chinese medicine and the characteristic stymof industry of medicine in Liaoning Province have achieved rapid development

    Relying on Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics and the provincial Chinese medicine quality control laboratory, the province has established 400 kinds of commonly used

    chinese medicine

    , 1000 Standard

    of Chinese medicine

    , 10,000 components of Chinese medicine and natural pharmaceutical ingredients sample bank and comprehensive information resource bank, for the development of modern Chinese medicine and the modernization of Chinese medicine laid a solid foundation

    At present, Liao Wumian, Dragon Bile Grass and other

    medicinal materials

    has been in the province to achieve a total area of 6500 mu of artificial cultivation, Longbile Grass became the province's first

    national GAP certification of Chinese medicinal


    By setting up a technical service platform for new drug research and development, Liaoning Province's pharmaceutical technology innovation system has been further improved

    Up to now, the province has set up 13 key laboratories and engineering research centers, such as new drug screening, pharmaceutical preparations, clinical trials of new drugs, and developed 12 new drug preparations, such as recombinant platelet-forming, cardiomyopeptide, compound wood chicken compounding agent, etc

    Shenyang Chemical Research Institute and Shenyang Pharmaceutical University jointly established the "National (Shenyang) New Drug Safety Evaluation Center", has become China's first large-scale comprehensive new drug safety evaluation institutions through the EU AAALAC certification, which for China's new drug safety evaluation of the international mutual recognition has laid an important foundation

    In order to improve the technological innovation ability of enterprises, support the expansion of a number of scientific and technological backbone pharmaceutical enterprises, the province focused on supporting the province's 18 pharmaceutical enterprises and scientific research units to carry out "production, research and development" cooperation, at present, there are 6 new drugs put into production and listing, 8 new drugs were clinically approved, access to China's invention patents 8, the United States patent 1

    (Wang Xiaomei)

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