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    A paint enterprise was found to be in violation of the storage of dangerous chemicals and inks

    • Last Update: 2021-02-26
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    reporter yesterday from the Nanping Town Security Commission was informed that on March 17th the security supervision department in the town identified a serious safety hazards in the production enterprises, once found that its lack of safety control and other as many as 13 problems, was immediately discontinued and closed for rectification. It is understood that this is also the first top wind found in the town this year illegal production
    types of enterprises. It is reported that the day the Municipal Safety Supervision Bureau to Nanping Science and Technology Industrial Park to carry out hazardous chemicals inspection work, in a surprise inspection of the industrial park enterprises - Zhuhai Xiyida ink
    Co., Ltd., the inspection team found that the factory has as many as 13 non-conforming problems, there are many safety risks. If found that the enterprise plant warning signs fall off, fade, flammable gas probe loose, no detection report, factory terminal boxes, filling machines, clocks, humidifiers are not explosion-proof; At the same time, it was also found that the enterprise's central control room did not arrange staff 24 hours on duty, staff are not familiar with equipment operation, the right door of the workshop lack of human electrostectrical export device, the right side of the workshop iron push and pull door does not meet the specification requirements, the company has no main person in charge of safe production, lack of a safety production management personnel, safety production work file confusion, no safety management and related systems. It is reported that the inspection team immediately handed over the inspection records and handling recommendations to the Xiangzhou District Safety Supervision Bureau, asked the District Safety Supervision Bureau to take coercive measures against the enterprise, ordered to stop production and stop business rectification.
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