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    A single city drug collection was "advised to withdraw" and the municipal union began to emerge

    • Last Update: 2020-07-12
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    On July 7, Hebei Provincial Health Insurance Bureau issued a "Notice on further strengthening the management of centralized procurement work and related issues", hoping to be scientific, institutionalized, fine management, regulate the centralized procurement behavior, listed the relevant requirements of overall planningThe specific content is as follows:, June 21, the State Health Insurance Bureau to discuss the third batch of national collection of varieties in a video conference, the relevant personnel revealed that there is a key content is "for provincial measures to encourage inter-provincial joint, recommended that the city do not do quantitative harvesting." "The main possibility may be that the individual municipal collection procurement volume is insufficient, it is difficult to achieve the real volume-for-price." After the medical insurance bureau "advised to withdraw" the collection of municipal drugs, a number of municipal union has emergedon July 6,, the daily reported that the city of Jiaozhu, Henan Province, will form a regional pilot alliance with Xinxiang and Anyang in Henan Province to focus on the procurement of medicine in the northern region, opening a new journey for the reform and development of the medical security system, so that the general public can use more high-quality and low-cost drugsfrom the Henan Provincial People's Government website published the situation, Kaifeng City, Shangqiu City to form the eastern pilot, Xinxiang City, Jiaozhu City, Anyang City to form the northern pilot, Fuyang City has been a separate city-level collectionThrough the Kaifeng City Medical Security Bureau issued part of the "Henan Provincial Medical Security Bureau on the implementation of pharmaceutical centralized procurement pilot in some areas of the approval" of the content, Luoyang City, Luhe City, Sanmenxia City, Nanyang City will also join the Henan Province organization of the city-aligned pilot drug collectionbefore the city-level collection positive performance is also Shandong ProvinceOn June 30, Shandong Province also announced the "Lunan Economic Circle public medical institutions drug (supplies) procurement alliance" notice, will be Linyi, Shaozhuang, Jining, Luze four public medical institutions drug (supplies) procurement consortium, the establishment of "Lunan Economic Circle public medical institutions drug (supplies) procurement alliance", responsible for the alliance area drug (supplies) joint procurement of leadership, management, coordination and decision-making, bear the price negotiations, results of the agreement to sign the agreementfrom a national perspective, there is a precedent for urban alliances, and that is the Sanming AllianceIn April this year, sanming alliance carried out eight varieties of band procurement work, involving Hebei, Inner Mongolia, Hunan and other provinces of 20 citiesThe results of the winning bid were also implemented on 1 JuneAs far as the Sanming Alliance itself is the case, it has covered 16 provinces (autonomous regions), with a total of more than 50 membersDrug collection in Anqing City, Anhui Province and Hefei Union Area is also under way.
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