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    A slight easing of supply and demand is expected to limit the room for rubber rebound

    • Last Update: 2022-12-24
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    On Tuesday, the main force of rubber RU closed at 13410 (-85) yuan / ton, the mixed rubber quotation was 12800 yuan / ton (0), and the basis of the main contract was -510 yuan / ton (+235); The top 20 main long positions are 86637 (-4265), short positions are 126554 (-4357), and net short positions are 39917 (-92).

    NR main closing price 11110 (-75) yuan / ton, Qingdao Free Trade Zone Thai standard rubber 1760 (-10) US dollars / ton, Malaysian standard rubber 1755 US dollars / ton (-10), Indonesia standard rubber 1805 (-5) US dollars / ton


    As of March 18: total stock on the exchange 253563 (+1289), exchange warehouse receipt 242280 (+180).

    Raw materials: raw film 62.
    88 (0), cup glue 49.
    75 (+0.
    25), glue 65 (+0.
    3), tobacco film 68.
    27 (+0.

    As of March 17, the domestic all-steel tire operating rate was 52.
    04% (-9.
    9%), and the domestic semi-steel tire operating rate was 69.
    2% (-2.

    As of the end of last week, domestic port inventories fell slightly, continuing the previous week's decline, mainly due to the recent decrease in port arrivals, coupled with a slight recovery in downstream demand for goods, but due to the later arrival volume still rebounded and demand recovery slowly, it is expected that destocking may be difficult to sustain.

    Yesterday's rubber intraday narrow fluctuations, the situation in Russia and Ukraine repeatedly driven crude oil prices to re-strengthen, with the narrowing of the price difference between mixed rubber and styrene-butadiene rubber, the transmission of crude oil prices to natural rubber has a certain supporting effect, rubber prices in the current position or easier to rebound
    In the later period of supply and demand, with the opening of the main domestic production areas, supply is expected to increase, and affected by the domestic epidemic, short-term demand is difficult to recover, supply and demand show a slight easing situation, which is expected to limit the rebound space

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