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    Home > Medical News > Medical World News > A state in the United States officially passes the annual ceiling of $500 for pharmaceutical gifts

    A state in the United States officially passes the annual ceiling of $500 for pharmaceutical gifts

    • Last Update: 2020-06-19
    • Source: Internet
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    After one year's rule making, the Maine Drug Commission finally passed the state gift ban provisions for drug companies at the open meeting of the Commission in MayThis state decree provides a clear direction for drug companies and pharmaceutical commercial companies to give gifts, and at the same time, for the development of the medical industry, In particular, medical education companies and state practitioners consider that this law does not set a ceiling on doctor lecture fees and related costs< br / > the incident originated in June 2017, when the Maine legislature issued a controversial gift Ban Act, which prohibits pharmaceutical companies and pharmaceutical commercial companies from giving gifts to medical personnel in MaineSimilar to the gift ban in other countries and regions, there are some exceptions, For example, doctor's education materials, sample drugs, appropriate meals and tea breaks related to meetings, lecture fees and related reasonable expenses< br / > at that time, the regulations required the Maine Drug Commission to formulate detailed rules to define what is appropriate meals and refreshments, what is reasonable lecture fees and reasonable other related costs< br / > this industry regulation was not signed by the governor and was implementedAt that time, there were many disputes and detailed rules have not been published< br / > this will be delayed until April 2019, when the proposed regulation is issued, which defines moderate catering as "minimum value" food and drink, and sets an annual gift ceiling of $250, and defines reasonable expenses related to lecture fees as "reasonable and actual travel, accommodation and speaker catering", However, there is no clear provision for payment related to clinical research and CME programs< br / > just because the changes in 2019 still do not clearly stipulate the applicable conditions for payment related to clinical research and CME projects, which also leads to the cold cicada effect, leading relevant institutions to dare not conduct proper clinical research and medical education, this proposed regulation continues to cause disputes in the industry< br / > to this end, a CME alliance based in Washington filed an objection to the Maine Drug Commission, requiring that the proposed regulations clearly stipulate the remuneration of speakers participating in recognized CME activities, so that doctors can participate in CME activities in an environment without risk of interestIn addition, Maine also received hundreds of objections, In addition to individuals, there are also compliance agencies, pharmaceutical companies, health care institutions and so on< br / > this time, the Maine Drug Commission finally solved some vague regulations, such as the definition of minimum value, moderate meals and refreshments, reasonable gift value, the scope of application of gift ban, etc., which took effect on June 6< br / > generally speaking, moderate meals and refreshments should be set at the cost that doctors at the venue pay for their own mealsFor a reasonable gift value, the committee does not agree to cancel the annual limit, but increases the annual limit to $500, and states that it does not include travel, accommodation, etc< br / > at the same time, the travel, accommodation and catering expenses related to CME programs and lectures are not subject to the annual ceiling of $500< br / > in addition, this prohibition only applies to practitioners, excluding pharmacists< br / > just like our compliance requirement, "minimum value, minimum quantity", a lot of it depends on self-disciplineIt depends on whether you rush to promote medical progress to do things or just for benefit transmissionThere is a corresponding evidence chain for the behaviors you make, which is too much to be checked< br / > in general, the final result is quite reasonable< br / > original title: the gift ban of pharmaceutical enterprises has been officially passed, and the annual price is no more than $500!
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